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PYMC potentials and priors

When I started learning Bayesian statistics I found very useful PYMC, as I needed to play with examples without having to implement MCMC myself or going through complicated integrals. 1,307 more words


German Tanks, Traffic Wardens, and the End of the World

The other day I was looking through some documents relating to the portfolio of courses and modules offered by the Department of Mathematics here at the University of Sussex when I came across a reference to the… 3,698 more words

The Universe And Stuff

Bayesian Updating | Coin Flip | Python Code

Over the past year I’ve been really interested in probability distributions and Bayesian updating. This process involves taking previous knowledge (prior) and current information (likelihood of some parameter(s) given current data) to update our belief (posterior) of some system. 834 more words

Bayesian Computation for Massive Data

The presentation below summarizes the pros, cons, and main mathematical ideas for many of the best existing computational methods (as of 2013) for Bayesian inference. I prepared these slides for my PhD preliminary examination and it is not meant to be self-contained. 50 more words


Bayes is Baaack

Actually teaching every day again has seriously cut into my already-sporadic posting. So let me be brief, and hope I can get back soon with the many insights that are rattling around and beg to be written down so I don’t lose them. 251 more words