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Often, Frequently, Only Once

There are two major competing schools of thought in modern statistics, divided most obviously by methodology. The underlying difference, however, can be considered one of philosophy. 552 more words

New paper: Redundancy of Exchangeable Estimators

More like an old paper… this (finally) a journal version of some older work that we did on analyzing Bayesian nonparametric estimators form an information-theoretic (redundancy) perspective. 290 more words

Bayesian evidence synthesis and bootstrapping for trial-based economic evaluations: comfortable bed fellows?

By Mohsen Sadatsafavi and Stirling Bryan

In economic evaluation of health technologies, evidence synthesis is typically about quantification of the evidence in terms of parameters. Bootstrapping is a non-parametric inferential method in trial-based economic evaluations. 1,010 more words

Health Economics

Data and teenage sex

The objective of this blog is to share my insights and experiences in trying to be a better Bayesian. Yes, yes, Frequenist and Bayesian analyses results should agree, provided the data is significant enough, but … c’mon, our brains are empirical based, with no prior model to explain our surroundings, and incorrect assumptions are (mostly) corrected for. 212 more words

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IEEE Machine Learning for Signal Processing 2014 Paper Accepted

Great news, my submission to the 24th International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP)  was recently accepted. More details on the paper, some of the exciting results it describes, a preprint, slides, etc. 315 more words

Hold the Fish 'n Chips--Risk Analysis in UK Study Focuses on Food Poisoning

There are more than 500,000 cases of food poisoning each year in the UK, according to a recent article in Food Quality News that discusses findings from a report from the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA). 283 more words

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The Bayesian Choice From DecisionTheoretic Foundations to Computational Implementation

The other obvious difference is coloring. Whereas the English springer Breed Standards admit several colorings (and these differ by Kennel Club from country to country), the Welsh… 278 more words