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Anti-Obesity Interventions

The CLAHRC WM Director spotted an article on obesity prevention in a recent issue of the Economist.[1] It was based on a systematic review and quantitative analysis of the literature covering 74 anti-obesity interventions, classified into four groups according to the mechanism of action. 561 more words

Richard Lilford


RadioLab’s show/podcast this week was a tour of the world of probability, and its interface with people. I judge it great, but, then, I would. 81 more words


Bayesian deconvolution of stick lengths

Consider trying to determine the length of a straight stick. Instead of the measurement errors being clustered about zero, suppose the errors are known to be always positive… 1,068 more words


PYMC potentials and priors

When I started learning Bayesian statistics I found very useful PYMC, as I needed to play with examples without having to implement MCMC myself or going through complicated integrals. 1,297 more words


German Tanks, Traffic Wardens, and the End of the World

The other day I was looking through some documents relating to the portfolio of courses and modules offered by the Department of Mathematics here at the University of Sussex when I came across a reference to the… 3,698 more words

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