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Professor Christian Robert’s a day of mourning.

Update: 2015-01-12, 1352 ET

From KAL at The Economist:


The Population of the World – Will Depend on What Happens in Africa

In a recent post, we drew attention to the importance of the support ratio (defined as the ratio of people aged 20-64 to those over 64, or under 20) in determining living standards (per capita natural wealth). 310 more words

Richard Lilford

Failure to replicate earlier findings

A recent paper by Horton [1] attracted 1,576 views and 123 tweets within ten days of its publication.[2] A major scientific breakthrough? Hardly, the paper reported failure to replicate an earlier finding. 177 more words

Richard Lilford

NIPS 2014 main meeting

NIPS is growing fast with 2400+ participants! I felt there were proportionally less “neuro” papers compared to last year, maybe because of a huge presence of deep network papers. 944 more words


From Booleanism to Bayesianism

About a month ago The Age published an opinion piece I wrote under the title “Do you hold a Bayesian or Boolean worldview?“.  I had submitted it under the title “Madmen in Authority,” and it opened by discussing two men in authority who are/were each mad in their own way – … 455 more words


Semester 2

Today began the second semester of epi, and I’m already in love with the Data Analysis course. In it we learn how to analyze data using both frequentist and Bayesian approaches. 74 more words


Naomi Oreskes and significance testing

Naomi Oreskes has an op-ed in The New York Times today, which intends to defend the severe standards of evidence scientists employ, with special applicability to climate science and their explanation of causation (greenhouse gases produce radiative forcing), attribution (most of the increase in greenhouse gases is due to human sources, principally extraction and burning of fossil fuels), and effects (continuing emissions without drastic mitigation will produce severe health, social, economic, political, and military effects). 301 more words