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[paper] 동영상에 반응하는 뇌 활동을 시각적 경험으로 재구성하다

via Reconstructing Visual Experiences from Brain Activity Evoked by Natural Movies.

[논문에 수록된, 본래의 동영상과 뇌 활동을 거쳐 '다시 만들어진' 동영상의 그림은 여기서 보실 수 있습니다. 16 more words

Gibbs Sampling in R, Haskell, Jags and Stan


It’s possible to Gibbs sampling in most languages and since I am doing some work in R and some work in Haskell, I thought I’d present a simple example in both languages: estimating the mean from a normal distribution with unknown mean and variance. 1,422 more words


Including trials reporting medians in meta-analysis

I’ve been thinking a lot about how best to include trials that report incomplete stats (or just not the stats you want) in a meta-analysis. This led me to a… 177 more words


A more statistical way for understanding Hybrid Monte Carlo (Part II)

As discussed in the previous post, the remaining task is to implement the second step of the Gibbs sampler, i.e., to uniformly sample from the following curve, 264 more words

Hamiltonian Monte Carlo

Webinaring Bayes

Yesterday, I gave my first webinar, or online lecture if you want. The occasion was that a few people from another university asked me if I could give an introductory lecture about Bayesian statistics, and because traveling would have cost me a full day, I suggested doing a “virtual visit” instead. 423 more words


Five Dogmas of Statistics

This is a programmatic post, compiling some of my most fundamental personal beliefs about statistics. To all of its content I of course appreciate any comments and discussion, despite the partially polemic manifesto style that kept me having fun writing it. 3,818 more words