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That Time I Was On TV

One of the perks of being the twin sister of a BNOC* is getting to do cool things like appear on national television during prime time. 162 more words

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The Village Episode 2

I know it is late, and the third episode is also late. I was waiting for Anna’s screencaps but she’s been having a tough time recently and life just got to both of us. 485 more words

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Scrappers | Ice Bucket Challenge


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge usually involves dumping a large bucket of iced water over your head, to promote awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, otherwise known as Motor Neurone Disease. 268 more words

Doctor Who Deep Breath Review.

Adequate is an awful word. I hate using it. Especially when it comes to describing my favorite show. Double that when it’s the season premiere of my favorite show. 897 more words

General Nerdery

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Okay... this review summed up exactly how I felt about the introduction of the new Doctor Who. Make no mistake, I will ALWAYS watch Doctor Who no matter who is the lead role, but I was a bit UNDERwhelmed by Peter's interpretation of the Whovian idol. I'm not sure if it's also the accent that's throwing me off as well. There are subtle but important cultural aspects that come with any accent that seems to be lacking from his British (Sylvester McCoy [7th Doctor] was Scottish as well though) predecessors. I know that Peter is a rabid Whovian himself, but his portrayal is a bit ... spiritless? He says the right things, reacts in the way you'd sort of expect The Doctor to act, but there is a sort of mechanical nature to the actor that he seems hard-pressed to overcome at this point. Now, I give ANY new doctor the benefit of the doubt and some time to really "get into the role"... but unlike his predecessors, Peter is starting at a lower ebb than usual with me. I have faith in Peter though, because I believe in The Doctor. I know he'll find a way to make me love HIS Doctor Who.

Doctor Who : Deep Breath

As Amanda said last night it won’t just be one review for the Doctor Who episodes, therefore I feel like mine needs a new and amazing name that isn’t just Doctor Who…. 1,539 more words

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Doctor Who News: 'Deep Breath' DVD & Bluray Detailed for 8th September Release

Following the broadcast of the first episode of Series Eight of ‘Doctor Who’, the BBC have detailed the DVD and Bluray release of ‘Deep Breath’ which will go on general sale on September 8th 2014. 162 more words


Doctor Who News: Series 8 Episode 2 'Into the DALEK' Trailer

Following the opening to Series 8 with ‘Deep Breath’ last night, the BBC have now released the trailer for next week’s Episode which will bring the new Doctor face to face with his deadliest enemy. 123 more words