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In which The Author doesn’t hear a news story on the BBC (again)

I’ve just picked up on an interesting little news story, via a Scottish blog named… 1,121 more words


Roots to riches

I have been listening to a BBC Radio 4 series (by podcast) called ‘from roots to riches’ that is a history of plant biology centering round Kew Gardens in the UK. 119 more words

BBC Radio 4's 'Moral Maze' does ISIS, 'Zionist terrorists' and 'demonised' Hamas

The October 15th edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Moral Maze’ – repeated on October 18th and available here – was titled “Talking to Terrorists”. 988 more words


Bowen tweets reveal the BBC's idea of 'pressing' news from the Middle East

It’s olive picking season in the Middle East and – seeing as of course there is absolutely nothing more pressing (sorry about the pun) going on in the region at the moment – it would appear that the BBC’s Middle East editor has plenty of free time in which to provide audiences with yet another one of those perennial political propaganda items loosely tied to the topic of the olive harvest.  25 more words


Multi-platform BBC propagation of Alan Duncan's ugly stereotypes and incitement

On October 14th an article appearing on the BBC News website was promoted under the heading “Israel criticises UK Palestine vote”. The report, which remained on the website’s Middle East page for three consecutive days and also appeared on the UK Politics page, was titled “ 1,732 more words


Neil MacGregor on Germany: From Wurst to Walhalla

The BBC Radio 4 enthusiasts among you will know that Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum and professed Germanophile, is currently making a daily appearance. 713 more words

Rubbing Shoulders

Constructive Fallacy of the Secondary Activity – or, perhaps, The Delusion of Mastery through Proximity.

Whilst making breakfast this morning, I had BBC Radio 4 burbling away in the background, as is my wont.

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