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2014 BEST OF 1/5

Oh hey, I’m back. Sorry (again) for neglecting this blog. But I’m back, momentarily, from uni and while I’ve got all sorts of delightful studying I… 448 more words

BBC aired investigation on working condition where Apple Products manufactured

http://daze.pk/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/wpid-bbc_logos_desktop_1680x1050_wallpaper-101078-1024×640.jpeg BBC has aired Panorama: Apple’s Broken Promises, an investigation into the treatment of workers in the Chinese factories that make Apple products.
The report found that Apple’s promises to protect factory workers were routinely broken. 15 more words

Blodget: If you own an iPhone, you're partially responsible for those kids working in tin mines

”The BBC traced Apple’s supply chain back to its roots and found that, among other things, tin used in iPhones comes from dangerous mud mines in Indonesia that employ and kill children and that Chinese people who assemble iPhones work such long hours that they occasionally fall asleep on the job,” Henry Blodget writes for Business Insider (via Yahoo Finance). 231 more words


"Apple's Broken Promises" : The World's Leading Brand Exposed

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BBC Panorama’s “Apple’s Broken Promises”  investigates the welfare of workers in factories and tin mines.

Apple manufactures its products in China. Workers who make Macs, IPhones and Ipads are shown working under a culture of fear and exhausted. 146 more words


VIDEO: Anger replaces fear over Taliban attack

The BBC’s Shahzeb Jillani speaks to residents in Peshawar where ‘courage is replacing fear’ as more people demand government action against the Taliban.

from BBC News – World… 8 more words


VIDEO: Workers freed days after tunnel collapse

Twelve workers have been rescued after being trapped for four days in a collapsed tunnel in Vietnam’s Lam Dong region.

from BBC News – World… 8 more words