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Hark at this - Harkive survey

” Today is the 15th July 2014, and this is the day that Harkive will be collecting stories from music fans around the world. The aim of the project is to capture for posterity a global snapshot of the way in which we interact with the sounds and technology of today, and get to the essence of what music means to us as all. 284 more words

Atomic Rooster

Review: Wallander (S3 E5/6), Saturday 14th June

As King Lear says: “Who is it that can tell me who I am?” Wallander’s dreadful secret is out – he is no longer in control of what was a great investigative mind.  549 more words


'Britain's Whale Hunters: The Untold Story' (BBC4) - Music by Adam & Dan Skinner

‘The Rise’, part one of ‘Britain’s Whale Hunters: The Untold Story’, an insightful and often brutal account of the UK’s past involvement in the whaling trade, (presented by Adam Nicolson and produced by KEO films), had its first broadcast on BBC4 on 9th June. 71 more words


How the Wild West was Won, with Ray Mears - Episode 3 - 'Deserts'

You can now watch the third and final episode of How the Wild West was Won, with Ray Mears online. Just click on the image below to be taken to the official BBC iPlayer site: 21 more words

Ray Mears

Review: Amber (S1 E1/4), Tuesday 3rd June

As the search for Madeleine McCann resumed in Portugal this week there was some real-life resonance to this four-part Irish drama. But although Amber covers the disappearance of a 14-year-old girl from the comfortable middle-class Dublin suburbs, it thankfully dispensed with the sensationalist bad taste red-top headlines and worn-out clichés of most TV abduction tales. 469 more words


Trailer: Amber, BBC4

Or, as you’ll see in the trailer, RTE’s Amber, because that’s where BBC4′s latest thriller originates from. The four-part series tells the story of what happens after 14-year-old Amber Bailey disappears. 69 more words

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