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Ålder - bara en siffra?

Då har man blivit ett år äldre! Är det verkligen så att ålder bara är en siffra? Jag känner mig inte äldre än 26-28 men så ung är jag ju inte längre, även om jag inte direkt är gammal än…Kan det ha med livssituation att göra? 477 more words


Soho Tea Room

I still recall the grand opening of Soho Tea Room like it was not long ago. One thing that I’m very impress with is their marketing and promotions but lets not drag into that. 638 more words


Vanity thought #969. As it never was

My yesterday’s post arguing for accepting words of our guru as Absolute Truth rather than as translation might make people think that I was also arguing against changes to original Prabhupāda’s books. 1,459 more words


Cycle 9 - Day 22 (10DPO)

My temps just kept rising, and rising, and rising!  I was SURE I would get my + sign soon! ….& then today happened. HUGE temp dip, down below the cover line. 115 more words

Bulgaria: GERB and BSP neck and neck

BSP (Social democrats) 33.7 % | GERB (Conservatives) 31.7% |  DPS (Turkish liberals) 10.8 % | BBT (TBA) 10.2 % | RB (Conservatives) 4.3 % | … 23 more words


Dragon Ball Tea House ... YAY!


Try my favs !!  (with sweet and chewy tapioca pearls)

  • strawberry slush
  • green apple slush
  • honey green milk tea…
  • 50 more words