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Where I've Been

Well these weddings sure have had me busy and I’m not even done yet! By the time I get home from work I don’t feel like posting at all, instead I just want to go to bed. 259 more words

Trying To Conceive

I apologize for being a spammer.

So, today this happened:

Also, I retested at 1:35 am and at 6:30 am, both darker than control.

I may have missed it?I don’t think I’ll know for sure until tomorrow. 75 more words

On Recent Bank Mergers and Acquisitions

Earlier this week, American Banker’s Robert Barba wrote that bank M&A could reach an “inflection point” (sorry, paywall). With bank valuations increasing — and asset quality improving — I’m seeing deal premiums make a comeback, along with banks able to pay them.   352 more words

Bank Director

A Brief Look Into Charting For Fertility

Well this second cycle of TTC I started charting using a BBT (basal body thermometer), the reason you don’t want to use a normal thermometer is because a BBT has the ability to measure temperature to the 100th degree this allows you to notice subtle changes you wouldn’t notice otherwise. 302 more words


Tracking the Moon

You know that feeling you get when you’re really excited about something you’ve just learned about? And you just want to tell everyone you meet because no one should have to live life deprived of this information? 1,444 more words



After some temp dips, a crazy spike, and then another dip today AF has shown. Alas I am on to cycle 5 post miscarriage. To top it off I had some crazy dreams last night about poas and getting positives. 169 more words

Trying To Conceive

Pictures or It Didn't Happen: Barbara Brown Taylor

Images kept popping up in my mind as I thought about whether we would take a falsely intimate selfie or if we would appear stiff as the strangers we were in photograph captured by another stranger, anxiously awaiting his own 30 seconds with the famous preacher. 721 more words

Barbara Brown Taylor