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Reflection: Telling stories

In Day Twenty Six, the patient spent about 30 minutes telling me stories. Not stories of how she found herself in the hospital, not stories of what she was going to do when she got out of the hospital, but stories about her husband who had passed years before I walked into her hospital room.  341 more words

Sayings On God

Corner 23

We were craving some Taiwanese food so we debated between Beefy Beef Noodle or Corner 23. Both feel kinda the same to me and I haven’t been to both in a long time so in the end we went to Corner 23. 179 more words

Food Reviews

Chatime (Toronto)

Where do you go when you’re only in town for one day? Obviously, bubble tea!  We were downtown so my friend suggested that we go to Chatime after our ramen lunch. 193 more words


Just Distribute Books, Sankirtan Message by HH Jayadvaita Swami (Inspirational)

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Third time to Bubbletopia to grab bubble tea.  In case you haven’t been there before, it’s located on the second floor (take the elevator up) and has a very laid back, relaxed atmosphere to it. 208 more words


So Many Things...

As I mentioned before, in addition to PCOS, I also struggle with anxiety. That being said, I sincerely doubt that there is a forum or website on PCOS, ttc, or birth that I have not looked over during the past three months that I have been waiting until we can start trying for a family. 651 more words


Project Nodlehs Final Post

Whlie Heading home today, Sheldon and I have been delayed for 5 hours at the airport. This means for 5 hours Sheldon has been lecturing me on the superiority of traveling by train and giving me looks of haughty derision.

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