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BeachReach-Spring Break'15

BeachReach- March 7-13, 2015

(Saturday – Friday)

Panama City Beach, FL:

Laguna Beach Christian Retreat


Join us for Beach Reach as we go to share God’s love to spring breakers at Panama City Beach, FL. 849 more words


Benefits of not having a Business Continuity Plan

The prevailing view of the Business Continuity (BC) community is that the only benefits of not having a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) are that you’ll be saving a small amount of time and money, but with huge downsides if you ever suffer from an incident that causes major disruption to your operations. 304 more words

Business Continuity

Shutdown on The Grand - Aiding Baxter's Pinnacle

I saw the Dodge Charger in the left lane coming toward me quick, primarily because I was speeding. I watched my mirror as it passed. Break lights. 2,116 more words

Public is so Private

With our smart-phones crowding our field of vision, it’s easy to miss what is right in front of us at times: real human beings. We care so much about feeling connected to the world by constantly updating our status and liking others’ photos, yet we can often miss out on connecting to the actual person standing next to us. 473 more words


Bolly vs Holly vs Nolly: Who Will Be Global Films Next Top ‘Wood?


Image (the1709blog.blogspot.com)


Hollywood may still be the most known global film industry in the Western world, but its big name is an allusion and when compared to its siblings, it is the little brother that thinks he is the tallest. 652 more words

The Principle of the Thing

I am biased.

My judgement is clouded.

But let’s be real, whose isn’t?

Everyone has their thing. The thing that affects all other things. Whether we are consciously aware of our “things” guiding factor in our lives and daily choices, it is indisputably present. 561 more words


Band Camp, First Week, This Blogging Thing Is Really Hard

I started classes on Monday! This is my first real semester as a music major and I am absolutely loving it so far. I started band camp on the 16th, when I moved in, and I am absolutely loving our show this year (Plus I am super tan). 325 more words