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The Hybrid(e) and Prejudice

Looking at the Transnational film industry, this week as brought us back to the ever appropriate topic of hybridity. Before we delve into that however let us look at what actually defines a film as being transnational. 598 more words


Citizens of the Education System

They say you learn something new everyday. And, with such an international mix of students in our universities and higher educations today, we really meet someone new from somewhere different everyday. 736 more words


Classes have begun at NKU. We’re actually on day two. The past 11 days have been pretty crazy. My parents and I conquered so much the weekend they were in town. 321 more words


How many views did you get?

Measuring audiences’ media use has been around for decades, as businesses, producers and marketers wish to gain information about them to make more money. However, as I learnt in the lecture this week, the way they measure audiences participation with television and radio is rather outdated and unsophisticated which can lead to incorrect results. 635 more words


Hougang 811 - Cuteness can be found in the heartlands

She says: When you see the word cute – you know it’s going to be me penning down my thoughts. :P

I was home minding my own business one day when I suddenly received a text message from S. 406 more words


You are the church.... you are not a follower of Christ apart from the church!

Platt makes some pretty bold statements regarding the importance of and our participation in the local church.  My boss, Joe, often describes a healthy BCM as having a lot of the same characteristics of a healthy church –and vice versa.   582 more words

McDonalds Internationally - lulling us into contentedness with lamb and beetroot

In an environment of rapid globalisation, every day citizens are more aware of globalisation and how it affects them on a daily basis. Really, it is very hard for people to  522 more words

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