Teachers' strike — the summer of quiet insanity wears on

MONDAY MORNING EDITORIAL — How quickly we move on.

The B.C. Teachers Federation strike that dominated headlines and the public’s thinking such a short time ago has receded to the back pages and rarely comes up in conversation these days. 245 more words


Talks between BCTF and government break down

It seems like talks between the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) and the BC Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA) have broken down.

There have been a few days of exploratory hearings between the BCTF and the government, but now another mediator has turned down the job to help the two sides reach an agreement. 401 more words


BCTF v BCPSEA: where does this leave me? An administrator's perspective

I continue to struggle to put into perspective the current negotiations between the BCTF and BCPSEA (or Government of BC). I don’t call this a dispute, because in my profession, a dispute is settled through mediation, conversations: laying out each sides’ truths and setting parameters around a reasonable solution that is fair and equitable and timely. 401 more words

Social Learning

When you really think about it, the BC Liberals are a mean-spirited bunch.

Lets review the way the government negotiates with teachers.

Before the provincial election of 2013, negotiations with the teachers were going well. There was a positive bargaining relationship at the table. 885 more words


Teachers will strike summer school

NEWS/ SCHOOLS — Teachers will strike summer school if a contract deal isn’t reached by June 30, B.C. Teachers Federation president Jim Iker today.

That move was called “unfortunate” by Education Minister Peter Fassbender, who said it will impact thousands of students. 304 more words


What is the Purpose of Public Education?

What is the purpose of public education?

Ultimately, the question that needs to be asked is “What is the purpose or goal of public education?” There are a number of possibilities that exist when answering the question. 545 more words



So here we are.

The last week of school marks the second week of a full out strike by the BC Teachers Federation.

Lock out dates by the employer for secondary teachers start on June 25, and for elementary teachers later this week. 307 more words