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Sendra’s stomach had been hurting sporadically over the past year.  She tried to fault it to a bad diet but it became a daily annoyance of stomach cramps and unpleasant irritation.   185 more words


And The Cards All Fold

She was tired inside. Sluggish and wary. The feeling was like quicksand – the more she tried to pull herself out, the further she sank in. 50 more words

True Strength

“We all at certain times in our lives find ourselves broken. True strength is found in picking up the pieces.” –Jill Pendley

My Thoughts

Be Brave.

This is where I start to go deeper than surface level.

So far its been pretty superficial or basic but nothing where you truly have been given the opportunity to glance into my heart. 1,049 more words

Be Brave

You Pick On the Wrong Guy

 Why is it that when you are the shortest you get picked on?

When I was in Grade school I was the shortest in the class. 428 more words


Prepare your heart

Sometimes in difficult times it is harder to prepare your heart for good things to happen. We begin to let fear sneak in to our mind, and our heart starts to harden as we become fearful of the consequences of letting someone into our perceived zone of comfort. 183 more words