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Through a Different Lens

This past week was Spring Break for our crew and we were lucky enough to have some fantastic family time with my teenage nieces.  My kids think that these ladies walk on water and as a mom, I feel so lucky that they still want to spend time with us! 782 more words


I Believe... (Continued.)

I believe that we all need someone. Someone that will hold us when we are sad. Someone that will lift us up when we are feeling down. 100 more words

N is for New Experiences

Hello Friends,

Have you tried something new lately? Have you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried a new food? A new vacation spot? A new date? 115 more words

A To Z Challenge

Be Original

While listening Simon and Garfunkel ” The Sound of Silence”, my mind flows through a lot good and bad stuff.
It is normal, after all we are human! 27 more words

Shake It Out

I came across something today that said, “Writing is about confronting your fears.”

We’re all on our way to being someone – I don’t think anybody my age can say, “This is it, I’ve arrived.” We haven’t as yet and many of us are still trying to create ourselves into the people we want to be. 329 more words

Have you ever looked in the mirror and burst into tears?
I have.
Many times.
It’s awful.

Who do you blame?
Yourself? Your habits? The medication? 129 more words

Weight Loss

Day 164: I double dog dare you!

(Well, maybe leave the yogi and brain surgeon out of it…? Unless they suck. In which case, fight away!)

365 Day Postcard Challenge