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It was a windy afternoon, dark gray clouds and an earlier brewing rain now started dripping, he observed at it attentively as he stood placing himself by the large glass wall of a lofty building which was now misted up due to the weather, bringing a different effect to his inner thoughts. 722 more words


Only Love - Chapter 21

Chapter 21
With you

Maya and Richard were still trying to catch their breath as the plane that would take them back to Manila was taxiing off the runway of San Nicolas Airport. 2,855 more words

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Cupid’s Slingshot Part 4 (The Anatomy of the Heart)

Author’s Note: Heeeyyy dear readers! Akala ko wala nang nakatambay sa blog ko pero dahil nagparamdam kayo sa’kin, here’s a treat! Here’s the next chapter of the story! 1,647 more words

Be Careful With My Heart

In Sickness and In Health: Reposted

A/N: Habang nagpapaantok, I decided to rewatch BCWMH and napadpad ako sa October 2013 episodes, yung part na nagkasakit si Maya dahil nadengue sa totoong buhay si JSM. 2,554 more words


Just Because 3

Richard went inside his office and dropped himself on his leather chair. He slouched and took a deep breath. He pondered for a few minutes about what his brother said to him as he looked outside the glass window, overlooking the Metro Manila skyline. 4,590 more words


The Closer I Get To You - 15

The Closer I Get To You – 15

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Richard Lim

Crushing On You - Chapter 4

Chapter 4
‘Flushed out’

The beeping of her mobile phone woke up Maya. She ignored it at first. But then her alarm beeped so she decided to check who sent her a message so early in the morning. 3,117 more words

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