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Life Update #43278

I’m savoring the last few days of vacation. Sue me.

In other news I attended this concert with my extended family. It was fun.


Second Chances - 1

A/N: As some of you may have already guessed, this is a continuation of The Other Man. If you feel like re-reading, you can find… 460 more words

Be Careful With My Heart

Doors - Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Swaying to the music of their own making, with nary a space between them, Maya and Richard gazed lovingly at each other. Richard felt so complete with Maya in his arms. 1,613 more words


Someday We'll Know 21.2

When Maya and her cousins arrived at her aunt’s house in Makati later in the evening, one of her aunt’s helpers informed her that Simon called. 3,646 more words