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Keep On Creating - art print download

Things have been really busy around here which makes time fly but also makes it hard to get creative on a regular basis. I’ve been trying hard to allocate myself some time to get creative which pays off hugely to the overall spirit of my week and how I feel. 66 more words

Inspiration - Paper

Be Creative

For most of this year I have been a member of an online group called Be Creative. Periodically the organiser, Myfanwy Hart, publishes a series of prompts over the course of a weekend with the aim of stimulating our creativity. 79 more words


DIY School supplies

Hello there!

School is going on for three weeks now and I finally got all my school supplies (is that late? maybe). But I always have troubles finding the wrapping paper you want or what colour folder to take. 481 more words


Quick Post - Help me Draw!

Good morning everyone :)

I wanted to tell you guys that if you have any ideas you want me to draw or sketch just let me know in the comments. 43 more words

Song for the day

I love, totally love her voice… No need to talk about the song, just listen :)

Kaoutar Chahbane

A time for Bollywood...

Salam dear friends,

Do you like Indian movies ??

I like the good ones. I love watching a movie that has the whole package:  great story, beautiful music, talented dancers… I love the kind of films that make you cry or smile, the films that you love to watch with family and friends over and over:) 265 more words

Think In A Better Way


It had been a long time coming: September. It wafted in gently on the breeze, almost imperceptibly dispersing the heat of the sun. The cries of children becoming increasingly tetchy at the thought of their imminent return to school mingling with the sighs of parents rushing to complete the seemingly never-ending list of chores associated with the dawn of the new school year. 437 more words