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Song for the day

I love, totally love her voice… No need to talk about the song, just listen :)

Kaoutar Chahbane

Who Would I Date?

Hello there!

As you may know, I love watching Youtubers, so it might not be a shocker when I tell you that I bought the… 626 more words


A time for Bollywood...

Salam dear friends,

Do you like Indian movies ??

I like the good ones. I love watching a movie that has the whole package:  great story, beautiful music, talented dancers… I love the kind of films that make you cry or smile, the films that you love to watch with family and friends over and over:) 265 more words

Think In A Better Way


It had been a long time coming: September. It wafted in gently on the breeze, almost imperceptibly dispersing the heat of the sun. The cries of children becoming increasingly tetchy at the thought of their imminent return to school mingling with the sighs of parents rushing to complete the seemingly never-ending list of chores associated with the dawn of the new school year. 437 more words

Two things you need to become innovative

You have probably all worked with people at the creative extremes. At one end is the person who works really hard, executes like crazy then tells you “I’m not creative”. 217 more words


September Makeup Challenge

September is in many respect, the start of a new year. With renewed energy we go back to school, return to work and head into fashion week ready to blaze the way. 91 more words


Therapeutic task #9: Make one drawing a day

Mariska from the Netherlands gave me this task:

Buy a nice journal, one without lines, and then make one drawing a day. If you do not know what to draw, look for any type of objects online or ask your penpals to tell you what to draw.

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Personality Disorder