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Be Free

What if I told you happiness was right about the corner? Could you let go? Could you free yourself from what’s holding you back from reaching your fullest potential? 105 more words

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Why I stopped wearing make-up

When Gabriel and I first decided we were going in it for the long haul, I told him straight up, “If there’s anything I do, ever, that you don’t like, or don’t appreciate, or otherwise rubs you the wrong way, you tell me right away. 649 more words


When the sun goes down we dream

The sunset is a gift to the photographers, a blessing to the ocean when the sun melts in its waters & we dreamers, fly away for little while. 94 more words


to let go is to live

letting go can be difficult. but it is not until we let go

that we are truly free.

clinging to belongings, people, ideas and the past… 136 more words


Outside Your Walls

Go out my friend, 

Don’t hide away.

I know you’ve felt sadness and unbearable pain.

But hiding in here….

It does you no good.

You ought not to fear your own neighbourhood. 103 more words

Featured: Day 1 // The Hudson Project

The first day of the first annual Hudson Project was nothing short of magical. We arrived at the site around 6 p.m. Friday night, gathered up our press and photo passes, and set up camp in tent city, “occupy Hudson” style. 326 more words