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Take Flight

I came across this quote the other day, and it stopped me in my tracks. Literally I was executing this plan {it’s how I function; I make plans and lists. 1,220 more words

Be Happy

Day 18 - Misery loves company and I refuse to let your misery affect my company. - Once Blu

We are at mid week for some but for me it is my Friday. What do I mean by that? My days off are Thursday and Friday.   265 more words


Day 43: Spa Day as a Reward

So I’ve done a Pretty good job on my Journey so far.  So I guess it’s time to reward myself.   So Instead of a yummy meal full of fat and not goodness I decided I would have a spa day!   267 more words

10 things happy people do:

1. Take time for themselves:  You have to give to yourself first.  It sounds selfish, but if you are not getting what you need, how are you supposed to give to others? 536 more words


What People Who Have Lost Love Know by Brianna Wiest

The people who have lost love know that someone else’s love isn’t yours to lose.

Someone else’s love is yours to experience, but anything beyond that is just becoming attached to an idea, a hope, a big ‘ol “supposed to be.” The people who have lost love know that right there is the point at which you lose yourself — when you start believing someone else will carry some part of you with them when they walk away. 1,037 more words


High School Is Great

“High school sucks”. That’s what most kids say. However, I honestly think that kids don’t even try to enjoy their years of high school. We’re young, we’re stupid, we’re crazy, and fun. 87 more words


7 Steps to Awaken Your Lazy Mind

Your mind is lazy. Very. Lazy.

When things are predictable or set, your mind doesn’t have to expend as much energy in figuring out what to do. 1,231 more words