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The suggestion that we can change our attitude by repeating a few gathered miscellaneous words in random order.

What, am I the asshole, just because I say what’s on everybody’s mind but their scared shitless to say it? 209 more words

Be Honest

This may sound easy, but in reality it is extremely hard to do. Being honest isn’t just about telling others the truth. It’s about being honest with yourself. 171 more words

Be Amazing

Day Fifty Four


TEXAS! YAY! I like Texas. I have tons of family and friends here. It is always a lovely time. This weekend, I am spending time with my lovely friend, Kristine. 464 more words


Honesty Really is the Best Policy

            Contrary to popular belief, ignorance is not bliss. I would rather know exactly what is going on then be left in the dark, because the ugly truth always finds its way into the brightest light. 128 more words

Dealing with frenemies.

I think we should all treat each other with respect and compassion.

Until we’re given a reason not to.

We all have that one friend, or shall I say FRENEMY, that seems to think that it’s okay to be an asshole, as long as they do it with a smile. 198 more words

Stop Blaming The Devil

I always here people blaming the devil (enemy) for their problems when its really them who caused the problems.

Stop blaming the devil when you position your self to be overtaken by sin. 83 more words