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More On Genuine Sharing

Hmmm – we should come up with a way to make those with millions see that they can share.

Not via a charity.

No middlemen. 259 more words

Vera Kasi

Quote of the Day( August 20,2014)

Hello beautiful people!
Think. Speak.love.work.Give.BE KIND. BE The best you that you can be!

Have a wonderful day


Quote Of The Day

Being Kind? Not Spouting Off . . .

A Year of Being Kind blog – Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Being Kind? Not Spouting Off . . .

I will drink most kinds of coffee. 590 more words

Move it! (Day 3)

So okay, bank issue yesterday was just a misunderstanding. pheeewwy.

Today looks good! I want more sleep though hehe. I’ve been busy trying to finally progress in learning how to speak the German Language. 196 more words

Just Ramblings

Enough Said!

I saw it with my own eyes today:

One homeless person giving food to another homeless person.

I saw a video clip of a similar situation last week. 576 more words

Be Kind

We made these for tomorrow :D

The kick-starting kindness team and I made these for tomorrow! We’re going to start putting them up around our town. If you have an idea for something to make someone’s day, put it up near where you live :) I want the whole world to see this and you to be able to say that you’re part of it! 38 more words

We Should All Take A Seat and Rethink Really Hard

In case I’ve failed to mention thus far on my blog journey; I’m totally and completely introverted. I hear a lot of people misunderstand this term for what it really is. 1,176 more words

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