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11 Resolutions Everyone Should Consider Making Next Year

We’ve all done it: Made resolutions to work out regularly, to stick to a budget, to eat better. Those are all great goals. And they can pay off if we stick to them. 1,036 more words


Take one step at a time

How Do You Take Things One Step at a Time?

To put your pants on you need to take it one leg at a time. If you try putting both legs in at the same time, you are likely to fall over. 159 more words

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Just a thought...

Unfortunately it’s true, the majority of us have developed a bad habit of talking about our problems. Surrounding those around us with a negative energy. 82 more words


Balance your internal energy and get amazing health benifits by practcing perfect Yoga mudras

Mudras mean gestures adopted during pranayams and meditations that directs flow of energy into our body. These mudra yoga techniques stimulate different areas of the brain. 647 more words