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Seeking is a reason for being alive.. Learn how to seek for what you long for in an artful way...

Art is in everything we see and in everything around us. All you got to do is change your sight, location or concentration. Try to see things as the best reason to have ever happen. 183 more words


The Right Direction

Be sure you are heading in the right direction!!!


Two things define you... & Yes you are a genius

Sometimes we waste so much time on our thoughts, thinking over and over again that we miss on the big things. Our feelings are our direction, our nature of being present, the love that already surrounds us, and all the other given by God & life are just treasurable. 152 more words


A good-morning is an international language

A┬ámorning that starts with a smile from a happy heart and a comfortable state of mind. Let go of everything negative, accept the challenges in your life as they will only pass you by, stop waiting for the love to come find you, learn that it exists inside of you, and start your day sharing your love with the ones around you… 12 more words

Life Is Half Full

Suicide Prevention Day

  • In 2012, 5,981 suicides in people aged 15 and over were registered in the UK, 64 fewer than in 2011.

    The UK suicide rate was 11.6 deaths per 100,000 population in 2012, but there are significant differences in suicide rates between men and women.

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The Arrow Affect