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4 Ways to Fail at Becoming a Morning Person

Becoming a morning person has always been a dream of mine. Though it’s important to clarify that when I say “morning person” I mean the kind of person who: 403 more words


How to Procrastinate Productively

It is fitting that in the process of writing a blog post about procrastination and productivity, I procrastinated. A lot. Yes, I did exercise, meet up with a friend over coffee and watch a few too many Youtube videos (Vsauce and essiebuttonvlogs I’m looking at you). 628 more words


Production, or Clutter?

It feels great to be productive! The feeling of completing something is incredibly rewarding!

Have you ever gotten excited about a new project, endeavor or hobby, and dived into it wholeheartedly, only to fall flat after a short time?   145 more words

Chapter: 25 Be Productive

Being productive refers to being able to get more done with comparatively less effort. Every human being in this earth is gifted with equal amount of time. 1,942 more words

Part III: Life Guide

paint my bedroom wall

Of course I don’t want to just paint the wall a solid color like a normal individual…I have to do something bigger.  But what will it be? 26 more words

Be Productive

finish the bug

Also on my “Life Bucket List

There is still so much to do…but  I must finish “Nancy” before I can purchase my Vespa! 581 more words

Be Productive

start the Story Store

I craft, I sew, I paint and I create. It is an obsession that mostly consumes my life and my home.

In preparation for my life shift, I am downsizing my life. 46 more words

Be Productive