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can't live your live in yesterday

I’ve found that the biggest help to learning to overcome depression is the circle that you have for support. There are some cases that the people that are struggling with depression feel or really don’t have a network of individuals to help them move forward and if you’re one of those people then you’re in luck. 474 more words


Fruitfulness in the Workplace


Did you know that in a report by Gallup, a polling organization in Washington D.C. only 13% of employees around the world are engaged in their jobs?

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Train Thoughts

Within a prism made of metal entwined with plastic, an unspoken code of conduct prevails amongst the commuters.

Don’t make eye contact.
Don’t play loud music in a quiet carriage. 760 more words

Day In The Life

4 Ways to Fail at Becoming a Morning Person

Becoming a morning person has always been a dream of mine. Though it’s important to clarify that when I say “morning person” I mean the kind of person who: 403 more words