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The task before me seems impossible. Some say it cannot be done. Many have failed to accomplish it. The past has gone, and the future has not arrived, but the present is ever before my eyes. 26 more words


Be the change – part 1

Yesterday, all eyes were on Canada as we watched the shocking attack that took place on our nation’s capital. We had never before experienced something of this magnitude on Canadian soil, and for many of us, it was simply surreal. 529 more words

Live With Integrity

A Personal Intro: Redemption.

I suppose that I kind of like writing. So, when I am feeling a little blue or even inspired, I literally can’t sit still until I write about it and spill all my thoughts out onto a platform that is accessible and easy to use (which is why until now my Facebook page has endured some abuse with statuses that no one apart from myself understands or even cares about). 431 more words

Be The Change

Be The Change You Want To See

Be the change you want to see. Change starts with one person. You can start a movement, so why not stand up for something you believe in. 538 more words

Look Who's Talking, and listen to what they said!!!

I read an article today (I read THIS article today) that said that when parents watch movies or TV shows with graphic sex and violence they start to become desensitized and this of course seeps into their children. 547 more words

Little Duckies...

“Grace will teach you that you’re much less than you thought while it assures you that you can be far more than you ever imagined.”

Paul Tripp