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Leadership, what are YOU doing?

This week I’ve completed lots of coaching – and with a range of new clients, some in the same team.

The theme that’s come out this week seems is around the challenges of creating a change in culture or way of operating. 157 more words

Leadership Behaviour

Rewriting The Story of More

This month I had to choose between my life and my livelihood.

The details don’t matter anymore, but in the end I had to choose between keeping a job that would require me to work 50 to 60 hours a week or losing that job. 589 more words


Team Change

I see now that one person cannot change the world alone. It may look like someone single-handedly saved the day, but they had help. Something as vast as world change only happens when we team together. 495 more words


Being The Change

There is so much that is in the news, or not in the news, that I would like to get to. The past few weeks have found me not even looking at my blogs, let alone post anything. 52 more words

Spirit Matters

Make a Date: The Change Movement Charity Pop-up

Mention Zouk and you’re probably thinking of music and drinks.

Come 30 November, their dance floors and lounges will convert to a charity fair, housing 50 vendors who congregate to do their part for a charitable cause. 721 more words

Hoot-worthy Events

My click-a-day habit

In the early 2000s, I discovered The Hunger Site. It’s a website that allows you to – with a click-a-day (and I guess now also a tap-of-a-finger) – donate food to the hungry all around the world… 218 more words

Live With Integrity