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How Do We Change The World?

How do we change things around here?

Is the world even in need of changing?

Should we accept the world as it is?

Love the world as it is? 135 more words

Sexual Objectification of Women in India

We MUST put a stop to this. Now.

As an Indian-American, this breaks my heart.

How did my culture get pegged as being one of the worst in the treatment of women? 259 more words


Be The Change Devotional Week 16: Be Mature

The “Hot Coffee” McDonald’s case consistently shows us two things. 1), Yes, we have rights. AND 2) That we can escape any personal responsibility, act immaturely, and SUE people for ANYTHING! 391 more words

Personal Growth

Remembering When

When does complacency replace compassion?
When does acceptance of, replace intolerance for, injustice?
When do cries of pain, hunger, and sadness become white noise?

After having forgotten for a time… 130 more words


School vs. District...Who does what?

This morning, I’m reviewing curriculum guides and a question was posed: how specific does a curriculum department need to be when developing instruction for teachers? At what point, does the role of the teacher have a place in planning lessons and curriculum?  217 more words

Be The Change!

Blog and Be the Change!

“You must be the change

You wish to see in the world”

Gandhi was so wise

Today is another Blog the Change For Animals days! Blog the Change asks: 248 more words

Blogging the Cause, Becoming A Change for Animals

Today I’m teaming up with Be the Change to “Blog the Cause,” a social media effort to shine light on animal organizations and causes who make a difference in the lives of animals. 385 more words