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All Hail the Queen

I was on the Q  the other day, heading to the show with my friend. Across from us was an old man. His eyes were highlighted by smeared, light blue remnants of eye shadow. 120 more words


To Thine Own Self Be True

At a distance,

a mockingbird sings delight for the summer-like day.

In the overgrown lime tree just outside my window

a sparrow nags—

a staccato, monotone note. 16 more words


Don't let anyone stop you from being who you are!

There are many cruel people out there who decide to judge or hate on other by the way they dress. I’m going to be honest, the way we dress definitely has an impact on the way people view us and how they categorise us into society, whether that be gangster, tramp,  bogan, girly, tomboy or simply just fashionable. 324 more words


Be Who You Are...

Just be who you are,

you will be happier with yourselves

and the right people will come into your life


Strange Strangers

There will be always them. The strangers who do not dare to spit out judging words to those people whom they barely know. Everyone is a victim yet it is very rare that only few survive this mental battle of emotional conflict. 435 more words

It's 2014, can we burn the "freak flag" now?

Honestly, I get that when this phrase was originally uttered there were several “counter-cultures” and movement of various kinds and anyone who wasn’t a white bread and picket fence kind of person was considered a freak. 453 more words

Everyday Life

Who You Are...

Never feel the need to be anyone other than who you are

or the need to apologize

for you are amazing simply being you