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Be Who You Are Production Underway! Valerie Records "Postcard From Hawaii!"

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our campaign before Christmas!! We had fun making endless photos and videos to keep you entertained : ) 323 more words

: )

I know I disappeared.

I stopped writing because I felt happy. I felt like there was no need to write. I thought maybe since the anxious thoughts had muted that I was getting better. 420 more words

Mental Health

You Are More Than Enough...End Of Story

How often do you compliment yourself? Chances are the answer is either: rarely or not at all. My next question is why not? It is so easy to look in the mirror and pick out the things that you wish were different like “I wish my hair was…” or “If I was a little (fill in the blank) I would feel/look so much better”. 334 more words

Self Esteem

A Touch of Hemingway's Iceberg Theory

Have you ever thought about the amount of effort we put into the way we present ourselves to the world? We put on guises according to who we are going to see and the location we are driving to. 389 more words

Be Who You Are

Just stay who you are

It takes time to succeed.
Even you failed
But don’t ever give up to try one more time
Failure is the first step to your dream… 89 more words


Sometimes a picture says it all

Sorry for the spotty posts..I have been hit with the Flu. I did want to leave you with something though for the weekend. This is a quote from Amy Poehler…actress from a great show called “Parks and Recreation”. 11 more words

Self Esteem

Don't lose your edge.

A little mid-week (or shall I say, hump day) motivation…

“You will always too be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy.

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