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“Generosity has little to do with giving gifts, and everything to do with giving space to others to be who they are.” – Patti Digh


A Few Thoughts Of Self~Esteem!

A Few Thoughts Of Self~Esteem!I think well of myself…This is Good!I accept myself because I realize that I am more than my foibles, mistakes, or any other externals. 71 more words

Be Who You Are

You Can't Tell Just By Looking At Me...

It is a time-honored practice that people try to figure out a person’s sexuality just by the way they look, how they dress, and their mannerisms. 207 more words

Don't toast that TV!

Just for fun, here’s a twister for your tongue. Try it out – “Unique New York”  Now 4x quickly.  (Hey, did you just say “you nork”?) 360 more words

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Let the person you hide within come out to play.


5 Words

We all have visions of ourselves in our head of how other people might view us. Upon meeting someone new we all naturally classify people into different categories based on our first impressions. 408 more words

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