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30 Thoughts Day #5

~ couldn’t sleep at all last night… I closed my eyes, and I saw your face

~ First full day of school all week… the first day this week we didn’t have a delay or early dismissal… 136 more words

Be Yourself

Make It or Break It.

Good morning! I’m extremely happy it’s Thursday. How did you sleep last night? Unfortunately for me, my rest did not go so well. It’s really ironic because the post that I decided to talk about this morning as my “Throwback Thursday” feature dealt with sleeplessness. 933 more words


No Baby Cycling

You know how someone says something simple and rather off-handedly, and it just kind of sticks with you? Like it were the most profound and revelatory statement… 1,115 more words


Some Thoughts on Choices

There are many times, when I’m lying in bed or sitting at my desk, where I’ll ponder about the many choices I have made, and that are necessary of everyone to make in life. 443 more words


Why .1% of You Matters the Most

Today, as you could probably tell from my last post, I’ve felt “down in the dumps”. Maybe you call it “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” or just a simple “bad day”. 833 more words


Self Aware

There are moments when I notice I’m not being myself. I can hear the worlds coming out of my mouth, or not coming out of my mouth, and I think “what’s making me say that.” I notice myself be more timid or more verbose than is my normal pattern of behavior and I wonder “who are you, and what have you done with ME?” 296 more words


Supernatural aid : Joseph Campbell ''Hero's Journey''

Once the hero has committed himself to his quest, he receives a mentor or coach.

We need these people since they have more conscious material they can use in order to assist us in our decision making process. 51 more words

Personal Evolution