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POEM : i dont envy you

“I’m a real nigga, I don’t love these girls”
“You love your girl? You Little pussy whipped kid”
“Don’t curse, it’s rude”
“Don’t act like this, people won’t love you” 322 more words

Transition - Magic Synthetism

Of all the values conceived by the mind of man throughout the ages, the artistic have proven the most enduring. Primitive people and the most thoroughly civilized have always had, in common, a thirst for beauty and an appreciation of the attempts of the other to recreate the wonders suggested by nature and human experience. 91 more words

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I was laying in my bed thinking how can I do this today,a plane I heard flying over me,my chance to escape,yes fly somewhere new,but I knew I had to get out if bed,make those first steps into my brand new day…my window adorned with pretty flowers and a life waiting for me..planes fly over and life goes on,but mental illness remains for another day. 1,078 more words


Asleep on a Bench: The Homeless Among Us

I have started noticing something a little unnerving as I go about my building to clean. I have started noticing a vast amount of university students out cold on a bench. 673 more words

When 'Likes' Get Mistaken for the Meaning of True Friendship

“You hardly ever like my pictures on Instagram!” I swear to God this was once thrown at me in an argument with someone who is unfortunately now a former friend. 315 more words