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When your feeling down and unloved you would rather be any one, but yourself.


Courageously let your Soul guide you.


what is the one thing that you know for sure?

What if somebody asked you: what is it that you know for sure?

Yes, what’s the one thing that you have learned so far in your life, something that if it were to be shared  with others, it could possibly add value to their lives? 587 more words

Josh Lugembe

I challenge you to...

I challenge you to complement yourself. To be proud of who you are as a person and the talents you possess. I know it is an uncomfortable thing to do, looking at yourself in a positive way, but I believe that it is completely fine. 289 more words


Be Yourself: A Simple But Powerful Message

Be yourself.  In the postmodern epoch, too many people in the United States and across the globe are focused on being “people-pleasers” and aren’t focused on simply being who they are.   202 more words

Be Yourself