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[Khúc nhạc dành tặng anh] - Chương 3.2

Tác phẩm: 《Song 2 You》

Tác giả: September26

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☆、Chương 3.2

Đường Địch lại bắt đầu bị kéo vào guồng quay bắt đầu lịch trình làm việc điên cuồng, Tô Nhan giống như một cái roi, không ngừng hò hét đánh đập bên anh. 3,813 more words

Đam Mỹ


Ever looked a hummingbird in the eyes,

With it’s flittering wings for emergency flies;

Such lovers of sugar and room temperature water,

Upon the feeder, they sit sipping away acting odder; 86 more words

Just Saying

be still picture

never leave where you are

and promise to isolate your self

from the rest of society

and be of the higher degree

and dance with the leaves… 53 more words



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maybe my heart just stopped

Maybe my heart just stopped, but my hands and my head haven’t caught up. Haven’t caught on. These are those moments where conscious effort is required to breathe, think, blink and continue to move. 98 more words