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What do you do when life's more nay than yay?

The ideal answer to that would be to turn to God and pray. This solution is a tried and tested success. But some days, (you would be lying if you disagreed) you really cannot stop wallowing in the had been’s, could have’s and what if’s and you start seeing that you’re what is isn’t quite how you expected and honestly the last thing you believe is that it happened for a reason! 701 more words

So I Was Thinking...

It fucking hurts

So it’s been a few days… 5 to be exact. 5 days since I felt the world upon my shoulders, 5 days since the guy who told me he loved me every night before I fell asleep, broke my heart. 275 more words


Makeover for my beautiful Sheryl for Standard Chartered D&D

Last minute message from my brother’a girlfriend asking where am I.. And next minute I am done with Sheryl’s makeover! 😄
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Makethisout ; Glow And Outshine.

Carpe Diem

I miss the Shards that Scrape my knuckles

the ghost of chance that leaves me breathless.

Full Feelings lose meaning as the pen misses stroke… 35 more words

Imperfect Poetry