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Amazing Sand Sculptures That Will Blow Your Mind

The Obamunnist would say to the creator, “You didn’t build that.” Well, sir, who did? Certainly not a government that confiscates as much wealth from hard working people as the US government does. 50 more words

Sunset Geometric Land Art

The evolution of my land art as the sun sets on another beautiful day.

Kasper Casey


I’ve regrettably never had the pleasure of being home during the Bermuda Beach Art Festival/competition but basically participants make designs in the sand with rakes that, seen from a more aerial perspective, are pretty amazing. 72 more words


Day 9: Beach Art #107days

Day 9 was adopted by @GallusEffie for some beach art. While it has been suggested this would be an ideal environment for the Commissioner Ostriches to bury their heads, none were spotted in Kirkcaldy that day. 525 more words

Pla-sticky Situations

Today I stumbled upon this fantastic article about sculptures from recycled plastic bottles. This fish sculpture, I think you’ll agree, is pretty spectacular, and even more so because of the sustainable practice that it represents.  334 more words

The Cover Photos...

Images left to right:
1. Some sweet beach art I made this summer at the shack. It’s just a bunch of twigs, leaves and grasses from the yard, all twined together with some white cotton string. 144 more words

Cape Cod Beach Girl

This painting is my latest completed commission. It was such a pleasure to paint and I am very pleased with how it turned out as well as very excited that it’s home will be in Cape Cod, which was the primary inspiration for this piece. 99 more words