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this might work...

A kayak customization project has filled the yurt with boat bits, parts and pieces.

Many years and many keels gone downstream, this one is becoming a functional piece of art. 122 more words



The same seaweed here borne on a rib bone of black basalt, plastered tight into every crevice and pocket, streaming down it’s face.

What do we see in patterns? 338 more words



A shallow pool filled with fresh water from rain and springs in the bluffs above is nowadays rimmed with sea moss, a fleeting summer phenomenon along the upper tidal zones of the Pacific Northwest. 160 more words


... the way back

Arriving at the destination of a rarely visited cove, even on a low tide; I lingered upon a lava finger to wait out the highest reach of surf and visit with the locals before the return trek. 67 more words


A Day at the Beach

Taking advantage of a good low tide is something everyone should do as often as possible.

Last week I went down for a 9:30 AM low tide and found all sorts of cool critters! 24 more words