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on the edge

A lava deity’s smug visage beckons from the head of a churning chasm which stretches nearly a quarter mile behind it’s haunt on the Oregon Coast near Cape Perpetua. 231 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

An outstretched finger of the volcanic flows at Cape Perpetua on the central Oregon coast will frequently catch and just as quickly release a variety of drift logs, this one a fitting threshold to the next stretch of beach.


Weekly Photo Challenge... reflection

A couple o’ favorites from the tide pools of Cape Perpetua… photos are taken underwater, the reflection is on the underside of the surface.


Anemones Everywhere!

Today’s low tide at Finlayson Point was great for beach combing and I found all sorts of interesting life in the intertidal zone! There was a great sample of anemones, including aggregates, rose and painted anemones! 160 more words


Nudibranch at Finlayson Point!

Exploring the rocks at low tide today I came upon what appeared to be an oddly coloured anemone – However, upon closer inspection, I realized it was a nudibranch! 109 more words



Venturing out this past week to one of my favorite beaches and bringing along a couple of props…

…here an antique glass net float acquired from a local collector; it found color and geometry with sand patterns left by the receding tide. 194 more words