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Before about a month ago, I wasn’t that into Virgos Lounge and V Label. I appreciated the heavy beading and signature styles, but never found myself shopping the brands. 135 more words

Kehinde Fanimokun

Braided Kelp Necklace

Check out this beautiful necklace, inspired by seaweed! Mostly iridescent green, an odd stripe of lavender twists through it like sea foam, twined among the strands of kelp. 380 more words


more beads

just posting for fun – the first stage of the next 5 hopefuls.

could be a while before these are complete.  to see ones totally completed and for sale go to… 11 more words


Hand-made Gifts For the Holidays

The holidays are just 4 short months away!  If you like to make gifts for family and friends, now is a good time to get started – or at least, get planning.  446 more words

Cheshire Library

Clematis necklace kit

Mum brought me this necklace kit from Spellbound Bead Co. I haven’t done any beading for a number of years, I was a little rusty to start. 126 more words


Lead me not into temptation, I know a short cut

Here’s a couple of facts that will surprise absolutely nobody who knows me:

  • I am impulsive
  • I like knowing how to make things

If you combine these two character traits with constant access to the internet and a reasonable amount of disposable income, you have the makings of a craft dilettante with a storage problem. 621 more words


As planned? Hardly...!

Thought I’d be getting a lot more done than I have, but life does have a way of changing the plan on you!

I’ve been slowly stitching away on my brown wool/scrunched cotton project. 205 more words