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The Heirloom Wedding Necklace

There’s an energy of true love in pieces of history that can’t be matched by any kind of diamond or expensive label. Heirloom. The stories told, the places traveled, the memories these pieces hold are hidden within them and released by whoever holds these magical treasures. 1,060 more words



A series of still life imagery depicting fashion accessories in all its forms, style and glamour.  Capturing the essence of an accessory, its curves, texture and pattern out of its natural context.

Still Life/Objects

BEADS!! Look What I Made!!!

I am stonkingly proud of this, it has to be said. And, ok, I bought it in a kit with all beads and instructions etc BUT the finished thing actually…..for once….I think perhaps for the first time ever……satisfied my inner perfectionist. 627 more words

Beads And Pretty Things

New Makes

Over the weekend I made a few new pieces and added them to my Etsy shop.

This one I’ve called Tangerine Dream

and this bracelet is… 26 more words



G’day it’s me again. Recently I looked at my YouTube to find that I got my first 100 views on one video:

In other news I’m starting a new video series about my art process: