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The 'Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels' Collar

I made this collar because I wanted to say something about the need women have to look out for themselves, because despite Equal Pay acts they are often paid less than men doing equal work of equal value.   404 more words


What We've Been Up To: Introducing Team Spirit Earrings!

How’s your summer been? We’ve had a busy one but were lucky enough to throw in some fun activities here and there. All in all, great summer! 116 more words


work(s) in progress

for anyone who has recently chosen to follow me – this is not a blog like i have been doing lately.  my original intent in creating this blog was to promote my business. 146 more words

Stolen moments…

It is not at all surprising that I am getting little work done these days…I seem to have less time than ever of late. While I’m not the earliest of risers (usually around 7:30 or 8 a.m.), it’s seldom that I get into the studio before the morning is almost over. 276 more words


Sweat Shop Time!

The Asian in Cassie and Emily is coming out in full force for this coming season, SNEAK PEAK at our up-cycled vintage collection!!!!!

Russian Leaf Peyote Earrings

Hi team,

This week is another pair of earrings I made. The stitch is the same as the Russian leaf earring and pendant set I showed you a few weeks ago, but this one uses triangle Miyuki beads around the edge. 43 more words


The 'Little Me?' Collar

This collar in my War Collar Series is examining the popular feminine tactile that comes from believing that if you are sweet and demure enough the warrior men will protect you.   133 more words