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Black or white?

I’m putting together some samples for teaching a beading class from a kit. Trying to keep it generic, inexpensive and do-able in one session.

Came up with this stamped design. 115 more words

Art Quilts

What's New?

I’m working on a show for my friends and myself! We make art and we need to showcase what we make…sooooooooo, I’m having an Artisan Showcase. 69 more words


Variety...or distraction!

Working on my slow stitching project has been proceeding…well, slooooowly. It was honestly starting to get a little boring to work on the same thing for so long, even though I loved every bit of what I was doing. 202 more words

Surface Design

Beads--my funtime!

I’ve started adding beads to my wool project. It still hasn’t given me it’s name, but that doesn’t matter so much. I’m just enjoying the process! 19 more words


As planned? Hardly...!

Thought I’d be getting a lot more done than I have, but life does have a way of changing the plan on you!

I’ve been slowly stitching away on my brown wool/scrunched cotton project. 213 more words


Small progress

There will not be progress shots of my slow stitching project every day. However, I had some time today to work on it and I’m pleased with the direction it’s taking me! 178 more words