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Mini disaster

One of my little 4″ minis sprung a leak! I’ve carried them around to show to a couple of groups and when I took them out of my bag this is what greeted me! 299 more words


Only backgrounds...

My creativity has been channeled into painting my bathroom this week. That project has long been procrastinated, but now that I’ve finally started it, I can’t wait to get it done. 184 more words

Surface Design

Shiny or less shiny?

Seems like I stop what I’m doing and write a blog post every time I need to make a decision. Must be my new way of processing my work ’cause I know I haven’t always worked this way. 241 more words


My own rules---not!

A few years ago I wrote a couple of patterns. Most of them ended up in my book, but not this very simple one. I needed a baby quilt, so I used it and put a quilt together yesterday. 256 more words


Always decision challenged!

Every piece of art I make is just one decision after another. I always say I’m bad at making decisions, but that’s not totally accurate. I’m fine until I get to that one sticking point…it happens on every piece…where I can see multiple correct decisions and have to finalize those choices. 98 more words


My 4 x 4's

I got started on my 4 x 4 pieces a couple of days ago and then I got sidetracked…life does happen!

These 3 are the first ones I’ve finished. 212 more words


4 X 4

4 X 4 artist canvases…a bunch of them, purchased at a sale price, for an undetermined project…months ago! I have a lot of that kind of stuff sitting around. 125 more words