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PYSSLA - Ikea's Hama Beads

Have you played with Ikea’s beads yet? It’s a craft activity, involving placing little cylindrical beads onto a pegboard, ironing them in order to melt them together and make them stick into a solid unit. 991 more words


Beads, beads and more beads.......

I have always been fascinated by beads, buttons, costume jewellery et al, especially the vintage. As a child, beads were harder to come by – I certainly couldn’t access them the way we all can now. 295 more words


100th Post!!

This is my 100th blog post! As someone who usually gets bored quite easily, I’m glad to be still blogging, still making jewellery and still loving it as much as ever. 66 more words


Modern medals

A couple of years ago my mother gave me a book she had bought because it was so beautifully produced, but which turned out to be totally useless.   277 more words


forest fairy jewellery set

It was originally called a watermelon set however I renamed it to forest fairy. I used the red tiger’s eye as spacers and the agate and quartz has beads.  58 more words


So Many Beads...

Okay, so this craft resulted in a happy toddler who was very proud of her work. HOWEVER, this one was admittedly time consuming and so very meticulous. 291 more words