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Don't worry, this is not what it appears to be!

No really, don’t panic.  My son had an appointment and I was waiting in the car.  Check the speedometer:

Luckily, I had a little portable craft kit along for the ride. 223 more words



So… I have these beading organizers. For the last few years I’ve had stuff taking up space in them that I just… haven’t used.  (Like we are talking back from my first couple years in California, that is how old this stuff is, a good 6-7 years old.) And as happens, said organizers have gotten disrupted enough that they pretty much stopped being organized.   386 more words



I got a few more things made for the upcoming craft show.

A few Christmas tree necklaces…..Some leather and curved tube bracelets…..Copper bracelet with dusty blue and green beads….. 17 more words


BEADS | Thousand year history.

Beads date back thousands of years, spanning throughout many cultures, customs and above all -personal adornment.  The eve of the holiday season is upon us and Sunday’s are my adventure days to go out exploring in whatever I can sink my teeth into.   101 more words


What's the Deal with Microbeads?

It says it in the name – Microbeads are small. Teeny, tiny, little beads can’t possibly be harmful, can they? They’re found in all sorts of products we put on and into our bodies – toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, and your favorite facial scrub – the list goes on. 445 more words