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The Dogs - A Brief Introduction

Since they will indubitably play at least supporting roles in future posts, I will introduce you to the family’s pack of dogs. This provides some background for when you read about them later. 264 more words


Dexter, the beagle

On November 15th we received a new member of the family. Nope, I did not have a child, though there has been much debate over when this will in fact happen. 357 more words

Willow's surgery for cleft palate

Willow is a beautiful Beagle who was born earlier this year with a cleft lip and palate.  As part of the defect, she has a bottom jaw that is slightly forward and bucked top front teeth – so her top teeth sink into the soft tissue of her lower jaw. 252 more words



AKC Group: Hound

Beagles hail from England and is the most popular scent hound (and one of the most popular breeds of dogs). Originally a cross between the Harrier and other old English hounds, Beagles hunted hare, pheasant and quail. 192 more words


A brief history of me and my decision to start this journey

A number of people may have read the title and thought, “Who needs six months to prepare for a puppy?” Some of you still may have thought, “That doesn’t seem like  732 more words


Feed Me...Ok? And If You Don't, I'll Do It Myself.

This is Conrad. A lovable, cuddly, and understanding canine friend. He belongs to a friend of ours, but we love having him at our house when his owner is away. 235 more words


House Guests - but Not the Regular Kind

Have you heard of a website called Dog Vacay? It’s a place where people with dogs can find a home for their pup to stay while they’re on vacation rather than boarding them in a kennel. 159 more words

Pet Photography