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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

How many times have you heard someone say about money or the future, “I just want to be comfortable.”  We spend a lot of our time, work and money trying to ensure comfort for ourselves. 133 more words


Quiet the Bark

We are always so busy making sure others hear what we have to say. The more careful among us even “think before we speak” so that when we do get a chance to share our thoughts, we know it’s not going to sound stupid. 219 more words


The Beagle Way

The Beagle Way is not a religion, rite, or relationship. It’s simply a way of living and loving your life – the way Beagles do. Beagles are the happiest, sweetest hounds on the planet.   50 more words


Harlequin Bait


I’m going to start at the end… at a meet five years ago at Boxwood Farm. Traditionally Boxwood in October is one of the first meets we take young hounds to, for afternoon hunting. 943 more words


Cutest of the week: Baby goat and beagle puppy playing

What’s cuter than a baby beagle? How about a beagle and his kid friend hanging out in the house? Check out this week’s cutest of the week, featuring a beagle puppy and baby goat who are the best of friends.

Life's A Cup Of Tea

Petition · Please ensure dogs and cats who are "no longer required" are released by laboratories · Change.org

Every year hundreds of cats and thousands of dogs suffer and die in cruel experiments in the UK. The BUAV believes this should end.

And there’s a further issue. 163 more words