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The cupola goes UP!

More progress at DFF and the new kennel.


A Beagle pup

I have placed two photos earlier of a little Beagle puppy taken at dog training.  This puppy was bought via mail order from a breeder up north and upon arrival was found to have a broken jaw and cut tongue.   82 more words

Top Ten Tuesday: Dumb Things I Have Googled

1. Beagle +crazy + running around

Sammy does this thing where he gets a glossed over look in his eyes and all the energy is drained from his normally human-ish peepers into his legs. 445 more words

Early on the river

This is a good spot for a swim and that’s just what I did later after a long hot day of working in the dirt. … 56 more words


Very Big Snake~Surprise!

I was out pruning roses and planting flowers in the empty pots when I noticed something moving up the wall in the opposite corner of the courtyard. 344 more words

Country Life

Garden Update: Basil, Blooms, and First Beans!

Just forewarning, this is a picture-heavy post. I came home from work to a nice steady rain this evening and the weather cleared with just enough time for me to run out and check on our garden boxes. 462 more words


VIDEO: Beagle apologizes to baby in adorable viral

Beagles are known for their ability to reconcile conflict with adorable acts of kindness centered in and around toys.  Watch this beagle apologize in true beagle fashion…

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