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Wailmer beanbag - Finishing touches!

My work has finally paid off, after a last push of working the wailmer beanbag is finally finished! Here’s the final steps in making it. 784 more words

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Building a cornhole set (a bean bag toss game)

I learned from my step-sister, Cara, that the bean bag toss game we see when we tailgate is called a cornhole.  Not the term I expected, but it comes from the fact that the classic bean bags are filled with corn (often feed corn). 62 more words

Bean Bag

Toy Storage Solutions To Keep Your Child’s Room Tidy

Do you get stressed at the very sight of your child’s untidy room? The problem becomes even worse if you have more than one child. Given the large number of toys a child generally has, the only way to deal with this problem is to have proper toy storage solutions. 420 more words

Getting creative.

The date is looming and soon I’ll be going back to University as a postgraduate. In fact, it’s just 9 days away! Just the thought of it gives me flashbacks to my undergrad days where I would spend most of my time studying, resolving problems and using logic and analytical skills to conduct research. 395 more words

Wailmer beanbag (in progress)

So, seeing as I’m moving out soon, and my accommodation doesn’t have much furniture (as beautiful as it is) I figured making a beanbag would be the perfect project. 803 more words

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in recent comments on a recent post recently (somewhere—I get around a bit) …


a few snaps of portable photographic stability. I almost always carry a camera everywhere and sometimes (when I can be bothered) a tripod. 485 more words

New Zealand

weird? why would that be weird?

9yo :  look how i’m going to be, mama.  i’m beanburger.  as in beanbag burger.  i narrowed it to beanburger so it wouldn’t sound weird. 14 more words