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What is Tofu?

There are a lot of meat-free protein options but tofu is the most well known, and there are still a lot of people who believe it’s the only one. 326 more words


{No. 129} See Green, Eat Green

On this uneventful rainy day,
I decided to cook.

In this messy little pantry,
I found a package of spinach noodles.

Inside this almost empty fridge, 44 more words


Retox at Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant

Essentially, I started my retox last night when a bunch of my friends and I went to City Hollywood Cafe for some wings and fries… 372 more words



Who says healthy food never tastes that good? It tastes phenomenal!

Stirred fried squid with tomato, cucumber and pineapple

Stirred fired glory morning with bean curd (tofu sauce)

Bean Curd

Vegan style stuffed aubergines

I really hesitated before writing “vegan” in the title as it can really throw some people out. I understand, I have one of them at home, called my husband, and I often lie to him first before telling him what is in the dish. 298 more words


Reflection of Day 68: March 09, 2014

SUNDAY! I should eat a sundae… haha but for that to happen, I would need to buy ice-cream and all the works.

Bustling night. Roomie L has two friends staying over for the week. 180 more words

CRISPY TOFU AND SALT-LACED EDAMAME'S FOR DINNER; OH SO GOOD! (serves 2 as main course - 4 as appetizer)

Sometimes I need medicine instead of dinner, and this dish acted as both.

This is a double dose of soy in two very different forms and this was my much-needed, super high protein dinner, a few nights ago. 636 more words