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Chili Egg Fu Yung

Disappointment is a mistress who whispers nice things to you then barfs in your bed.  After spending the morning getting cranked up to make a newly-hatched “killer” chili recipe, I was totally bummed to learn that our cupboard is devoid of the main ingredient.    309 more words


Awesome Pad Thai

Many Pad Thai recipes are noodles with stuff. Mine is stuff with noodles.

Use a large pan.

1 lb shrimp (good quality — it really matters here) 198 more words

It’s the national dish of Vietnam. Every region has its own way of preparing it, but basically it’s clear beef-bouillon with herbs, spices and beef. Vietnamese love it and eat if for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 470 more words

Bean Sprouts

seafood with bean sprouts

50g unsaleted macadamias
400ml canned coconut milk
juice of one lime
100g bean sprouts
a few mint leaves, shredded, left whole to garnish
250g raw prawns… 155 more words

"Lazy" Phnom Penh Dry Noodle

“Phnom Penh” is one of our favourite Vancouver eateries; my friend “PPQ” came up with this “lazy” version (without soup) and recently I have fine tuned this easy recipe. 480 more words


12 Completely Factual Things I learned in China

Hello Explorers!

Now I’m sure that i’m not the only one to write a blog similar to this. In fact, I just Googled it and I know i’m not the only one. 733 more words


bean sprouts chilled salad

Do you remember the cold jellyfish salad??

This is a kind of it and more simple!!

< Ingredients >

bean sprouts 500g

paprika 1/2 of each red and yellow one… 51 more words

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