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My Grandma Was a Bear

   My Grandma was a bear! Even her human body had the shape of a bear with ample flesh beneath her white-haired bun. Each Spring she’d emerge from her cozily cluttered den after Winter’s reclusive semi-hibernation again. 484 more words

The Paw Project

While browsing Netflix, I came across a documentary called “The Paw Project” which discussed the detrimental affect of declawing on cats. It was reported that many cat owners/lovers opted to declaw their cats without realizing the consequences it has on their cats physical, emotional and psychological health. 415 more words



What do I want? Now that I’m back in the dating scene, it seems important to stop and have a think about what it is I’m actually looking for. 608 more words


Just back from Taipei Bear Beach Party

At the northern tip of Taiwan last weekend was the 5th annual Bear Beach Party. A lot of big boys, sun, and fun. I’ll share some more photos this week.

Public Space


Taboo. Drinking games. Games.

Didn’t want to go too hard the last night.