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This Might Be Considered TMI

There are things I’m discovering as I become an adult, that no one ever warned me about.  Bodily things.  Unwanted hair things.  I remember when I was little, I saw something about how old-timey carnivals would feature things like the bearded lady.   301 more words


About Me

Come one!

Come all!

Step right up and see our main attraction!

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…the bearded lady.



Hello everyone,

     My name is Holly and although you might not be able to tell, I have hirsutism. 576 more words

1 Month in...

It’s been a month since I started growing my beard. I have gone from never leaving the house, to leaving the house with half of my face covered, to flaunting my beard with joy! 152 more words


An epiphany came to me this week. I’ve been feeling a bit lost for quite some time, for various reasons and I’ve felt like something needs to change for a good few months. 284 more words

General Scribblings

Why I am growing a beard...

I am what my doctor calls “hyper-androgynous”. I have way more testosterone than most women. This means (among other things) that I am rather hirsute. I have been shaving my face for over 10 years. 265 more words