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A Bear of a Tale.

Tonight was a tough one. The Narrator nabbed a summer-time cold which has him pretty beat, but the worst part is that he managed to hand it off to my wife, and its knocked her flat. 975 more words

Grizzly Life

One could be forgiven for thinking that even the grizzly bears in Banff take a break from their daily routines to appreciate the mountain scenery. While I will never discount the fact that other animals can appreciate their surroundings, what’s more likely is that this bear is smelling the air for any potential threats or food options. 182 more words


Wolf pup, moose hit by vehicles in Banff National Park

Bears have been front and centre in Banff National Park this summer, but there’s been a couple other wildlife struck by vehicles in the past week. 325 more words


NFC North Training Camp

Now is the time of year, where the words teammates and competition go hand-in-hand.  Many view professional teams as some kind of unity.  A brotherhood of sorts.   2,040 more words

Bear with us: Why are Canadians so bad at tracking wildlife encounters?

The good news: If the numbers can be trusted, human-bear encounters in Canada look like they’re going down in the short term, not up.

The bad news: The numbers cannot be trusted. 473 more words


Alaska - Day 6 Beartrack Cove and Bartlett Cove

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I parted the curtains this morning at 7:00, revealing torrential rain coming down in Beartrack Cove. They call it Alaskan liquid sunshine on the ship. 979 more words