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Chapter 7- The Emperor Of Evil

Beast: “You are so beautiful Ellen.”

Ellen: “You are quite adorable yourself.”

Rose: “Get out I am tired, want to sleep.”

Beast: “So I was wondering if you wanted to me my girlfriend?” 428 more words


The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms / Them! (Double Feature)

Humanity has split the atom, unleashing a new era of science – an era that would also unleash monstrous celluloid rampages. An A-bomb test in the Arctic awakens The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, and it makes New York City its stomping ground in the movie (based on a story by Ray Bradbury) that launched a string of Atomic Age creature features. 61 more words

Fan Girl

Oh. By the way, I am a fan girl.

Lighsticks. Which Of Them Do You Have?

Here are some photos of some fandom lightsticks. Make sure that when you go to a KPOP event, especially if it’s a concert, you have one of these!

Chapter 6–Beyond The Grave

Shark: “I’m bringing my babygirl back, Science place says they can bring back my love.!”

Rose: “I’m back babes!”

Rose: “Your still as sexy as ever baby love!” 421 more words