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The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms / Them! (Double Feature)

Humanity has split the atom, unleashing a new era of science – an era that would also unleash monstrous celluloid rampages. An A-bomb test in the Arctic awakens The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, and it makes New York City its stomping ground in the movie (based on a story by Ray Bradbury) that launched a string of Atomic Age creature features. 61 more words

Fan Girl

Oh. By the way, I am a fan girl.

Lighsticks. Which Of Them Do You Have?

Here are some photos of some fandom lightsticks. Make sure that when you go to a KPOP event, especially if it’s a concert, you have one of these!

Chapter 6–Beyond The Grave

Shark: “I’m bringing my babygirl back, Science place says they can bring back my love.!”

Rose: “I’m back babes!”

Rose: “Your still as sexy as ever baby love!” 421 more words


Beauty and the Beast: Essential Art House

Jean Cocteau reinvented the fairy tale for the cinema with this enchanting, exquisitely realized vision of Mme Le Prince de Beaumont’s fantasy romance. With all manner of unparalleled visual effects and photographic tricks, Cocteau makes the spellbinding tale of transformative love both…