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[PIC] 140820 Dujun & Gikwang Twitter Picture Update

Credits: Dujun’s & Gikwang’s Twitter; translated by yongjunna@twitter; shared by mega@alwaysbeast.com


[PO 1 SEP] EXO Maze Hoodie, SMTown Live 2014 'Pink Teddy' TShirt, and more (Start from IDR 80K)

Ada lebih banyak produk untuk Pre-order sampai dengan tanggal 1 September 2014 loh~ Ayo dipesan sebelum ketinggalan. Baca baik-baik ya sebelum memesan.

♦ PRODUCT ♦ 428 more words


Beast Era Optimus

Some cool titanium machining images:

Beast Era Optimus

Image by Clement Soh
Beast Wars Era Optimus Primals / Leaders

Lockheed A-11 midsection- bare titanium skin, heat-rejecting tires, D-21 drone… 365 more words

I am a Compulsive Liar

What makes a compulsive liar?

On my previous blogs, I’ve written about self-esteem problems most of the time – my self-esteem. I’ve also written bits of my past – childhood, adolescence, early adulthood – most are painful memories. 652 more words

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Demands of the Beast

The mixture of smoke and rancid steam drifted off the cauldron to curl around and envelope Sigrid Juliane’s body. The forest air was cold and her robe was thin, so despite its unsavory smell, that of the smoke and the steam was a welcome embrace. 1,024 more words