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Chapter 3–A Birth and A Death

Last time on As the Rose Withers, Rose gave birth to her second set of twins who due to game crashes quickly became children. She also had a affair with Phog a mysterious alien who shouldn’t even be in my game because I don’t even have that expansion pack. 834 more words


The Proposal (part 4)

Ayn stared at the smooth white door, thinking aloud. “This makes three nights in a row that he’s been called away.” She looked at Zoe, who rose from her place at Ayn’s feet to rest her large, fluffy head on the girl’s lap. 100 more words

Short Story

The Antichrist's Number: 666

The mark of the beast is Judaism’s tefillin worn on the arm and forehead. Today, the tefillin’s written contents command its recipients to commemorate ancient Israel’s liberation from Egypt, to keep Passover ordinances, to observe the Law of Moses, and to love, obey and serve the Lord God. 3,095 more words

[ Longfic] Chồng tôi là bác sĩ Thú Y l T-ARA - BEAST, EXO - Fictional girl,, Hồ ly - Thú y l On Going

Author : Chip + JV


status: tha hồ mà cười nha fan thú y 


Rating : K


Pairing : thú y – hồ ly, và các cặp đôi đáng yêu tí nữa sẽ tiết lộ hehe… 779 more words

9th Grader Attacks Teacher For Failing Grade

Such Gracefulness in Black Women…………smh…….. They’re starting young getting into their masculinity and violence as you see……..

Queens? I highly do not think so…………