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A beasty book of beasts - my best book surprise so far: The Beast in the Jungle by Louis Bayard

Kermit has been cajoled into accompanied his aged and ailing Father, former president Theodore Roosevelt on an exploration down an uncharted river in the Brazilian Amazon despite his imminent marriage. 555 more words

Book Thoughts

BEAST - Close My Eyes (눈을 감아도)

Wiheomhae jigeum nan aseuraseulhage
Byeorang kkeute maedallyeo inneun deutae
Maju bogo itdeon neon eonjebuteo
Naege geureoke jakku deungeul boineunde ( Eotteoke gateun haneul arae) 207 more words

B2ST is Back!

So, B2ST has made a comeback and I’m totally in love with the song. After Good Luck came out I wasn’t exactly instantly in love with the song, but 12:30 was much different and it surprised me. 253 more words


Beastiku (Postcard 8) - Call Me...

Beastiku (Postcard 8) – Call Me!

” ‘Satanic Majesty’

It just rolls off the tongue;

You can keep saying it.”


BEAST - 12:30 (12시 30분)

Yoranhan soril naemyeo kkaejineun yuribyeong
Uri moseubilkka
Natge kkallin haneuri geumbangirado
Buseojil geot gateunikka
Wae ijeya wannyamyeo nal gidaryeotdamyeo
Nae sarang bangyeotdeon neoneun ije 240 more words

BEAST - Mini 7th Album / TIME

Price: SGD 19

Package includes: Random Photo Card+Event coupon+paper-feeding include+First Limited Edition Poster (while stock lasts)

Release Date: 2014-10-21


POPE - " Beast " and " Red "


Pope are a New Orleans grungy guitar led indie rock band check out their soundcloud site because all their tracks are astonishly good