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Lighsticks. Which Of Them Do You Have?

Here are some photos of some fandom lightsticks. Make sure that when you go to a KPOP event, especially if it’s a concert, you have one of these!

Chapter 6–Beyond The Grave

Shark: “I’m bringing my babygirl back, Science place says they can bring back my love.!”

Rose: “I’m back babes!”

Rose: “Your still as sexy as ever baby love!” 421 more words


Beauty and the Beast: Essential Art House

Jean Cocteau reinvented the fairy tale for the cinema with this enchanting, exquisitely realized vision of Mme Le Prince de Beaumont’s fantasy romance. With all manner of unparalleled visual effects and photographic tricks, Cocteau makes the spellbinding tale of transformative love both…

“Then he began to spin in the water until he became a column of light, and from the light stepped a handsome prince.’Now will it be such a terrible fate to marry me?’”p.16…

14 more words

Glomska – Part 7

Without the constant sound of steam our minds focus on the task at hand. It took a lot of time, hours, but we finally find out enough to know that things are not what they seem. 280 more words


Chapter 5– Oh my!

I decided to throw a gift giving party.

Shark: “Oh my love you so pretty, kiss me now.”

Maleficent: “Your cute want to be my boyfriend?” 465 more words