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Searching for Imaginary Beasties: Invisible Beasts, Half-Off Ragnarok, and Professor Wormbog in Search for the Zipperump-a-Zoo

From Big Foot to the Loch Ness Monster there are all sorts of creatures that exist in legends and myths.  My husband knows someone who claimed he saw a vampire cat in the Phillipines and even the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies.  900 more words

Aimee Harris

Right on Kew... Beasties Explore the Gardens!

My trip to London over the weekend wasn’t just for me… It was also the perfect opportunity for Explorer Beastie to catch up with an old friend! 455 more words



Having fallen and pinched a nerve over five months ago, I’m enjoying an early taste (it tastes bitter) of one aspect of old age, at least as it’s appeared to me: A constant, dragging achiness mixed unwholesomely with chronic poor sleep. 1,069 more words

Autumn bird welcoming

It’s coming up to the end of September, which means the return of the birdies.
As we have no bird bath in our garden, I thought I would make a cheap alternative for the Autumn. 155 more words


Wool! Needles! KNIVES!

Anyone who keeps up with the Beasties through Facebook will already know that over the weekend, my Mum got in touch with me to tell me that she’s been having trouble visiting the BeastieBlog lately. 298 more words

Knitted Beasties


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A horror movie from Kevin Smith? Based on one of his smodcasts? About a guy who lures unsuspecting victims to his home in order to turn them into … walruses? 488 more words

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