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Viking Beastie Settles In

Well, it’s been a week since I found Viking Beastie wandering the streets that once formed the heart of Viking-era Dublin, and he’s adapting surprisingly well to the 21st century. 429 more words

Knitted Beasties

here . . . a year!

It is a year today since we moved from Edinburgh to this wonderful spot. We absolutely love it,  and are all enjoying our new life here. 245 more words


Viking Beastie has Landed!

Yesterday my wanderings took me along Fishamble Street, in Dublin city centre.

Looks pretty ordinary, doesn’t it? But Fishamble Street has quite the historical backstory! Its origins can be traced back to the 10th century, when it was used by the Vikings as a thoroughfare connecting the riverfront to the main market centre in what is now High Street. 311 more words

Knitted Beasties

Day #13: The Secret World (MMORPG)

The Secret World | Funcom


You’ve just started to manifest strange powers when you’re dragged into a strange underworld, where three secret societies rule. 872 more words


Beauty and the Beast 2.22 – Déjà vu

by Mieke Trudeau

This is my destiny too

All along it has been pretty clear that Vincent’s and Catherine’s destinies are linked together. But their paths did not just cross when Vincent saved Cat that first time in the woods, it seems that they started bending towards each other a long time ago, as early as the 1850s; when their ancestors, in fate, found themselves on a parallel journey. 893 more words



I dn’t suppose even one of my “followes” has a clue what I am talking about!

Midges are he timoprous beaties of the Scottish Highlands. They are so small you can barely see them, but they wreak havoc. 302 more words

Beauty and the Beast 2.21 – Operation Fake Date

by Mieke Trudeau

“Light and easy”

We find our heroes hiding out in New York; living in a hostel and pretending to be tourists. Cat is wearing a bad blonde wig and sunglasses on a dreary winter day and Vincent, hilariously, has simply plastered a bigger moustache over his existing one. 974 more words