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Beasties, Beans and Banners... My Market Day!

Yikes! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted something! I’ve been pouring all my days into preparing for my latest market, and it didn’t leave much time for anything else… between the knitting, stitching and coming up with some new ideas to freshen up my display, I’ve been somewhat reclusive these last few weeks! 470 more words

Knitted Beasties

Characters - Heather

Okay, enough procrastination. This has got to be the most difficult one for me to write but sometimes you just have to get it over with or it will haunt you. 322 more words

Beauty And The Beast

Characters - Evan

Evan Marks is the resident medical examiner in season 1. He is played by handsome British actor, Max Brown. Luckily Evan gets to be of British origin, which means everybody gets to swoon over his accent. 374 more words

Beauty And The Beast

A little steam

When I am working on a project, my mind is scouring itself and the world constantly. I am blessed with the ability to think in blocks, pictures or film even, which means, that although I set certain parameters for the end product – in this case the written blog, my mind has a plan of its own. 603 more words

Beauty And The Beast

Characters - JT

JT is going first. I realize that it is because he is easy for me, as he is by far the character that reminds me the most of –  459 more words

Beauty And The Beast

Project number 1: TV-Series "Beauty and the beast"


To understand what “makes” a show and whether this can be affected by social media interest. 

I realize that the first experiment needs an explanation. 404 more words

Beauty And The Beast

A bed of thistles

Tom, one of the Group Organisers of the Beastie Drummers, shares a unique post-Samhuinn perspective…

“In the middle of the woods, leaves crunching beneath our feet, we stop and hold our breaths and listen… A strange kind of snoring, just on the edge of hearing is drifting between the trees. 258 more words

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