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Saturday Matinee: Fantasy Films of the 80s!

Every so often I find a movie or clip that I think will appeal to the fans of this blog. Since most of you enjoy action/adventure, I tend to focus on something that falls into that category. 128 more words

Saturday Matinee


i’m just the worst.
the best.

real g’s move in silence like metrognomes.
my dick is clean, but it aint limpio

i’m lookin at you, lil wayne and whoever thinks they’re real. 52 more words

Saturdays Session: The Lions Den

Good to have the Beastmaster back in town for a quick Saturday session. Just a few quick hits of Billy Anderson, Andy Luke and Kaycee Landsaw. 20 more words

What if Venus Fly Traps Were Man-Sized?

I bought a Venus Fly Trap today while at the grocery store. Those bloody bastards know right where to place that stuff so I’ll see it. 282 more words


Jeremy's One Paragraph Movie Review: Barbarian Queen (1985)

On the Mount Rushmore of old sword and sorcery movies you have anything named Conan, Red Sonya and Marc Singer’s gorgeous blonde bob from Beastmaster. Of course you need four faces; so may I present to you Barbarian Queen. 229 more words