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Let It Go Driver

I got an email from an old surfer friend who watched the video about driving I posted on the homepage of PeaceInRelationships.com. He said that his conversion from an offensive driver to a “let it go” driver saved him unnecessary conflict and anger. 139 more words


come together (oh goodness, look what i've gone and done now ...)

so here I was in my pajamas being weird & loving that i could play that riff so I decided to do the song for you my changeling.

Victor was watching some music/concert videos on YouTube.  I walked in the room and we discussed a few acts, namely the Beatles and Paul specifically.  That led to a few other bands and this…

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Day 88: "Her Majesty"

When was it recorded?   Jul. 2, 1969

When was it first released, and on which album?   Sept. 26, 1969 on “Abbey Road”

Who wrote it? 703 more words


vacation all i ever wanted

If I were ever to get a chance to visit a foreign country it would be only in Europe.   I know the liberals don’t understand it but I simply couldn’t care less about anyplace in the Third World.     637 more words