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Beatnik - Part 1

Last summer I fell in love with Norah Gaughan’s Beatnik sweater. I mean, look at those cables, how could I not? It’s a pleasurable knit that isn’t as complicated as it looks, plus I’m knitting it in the round so it’s even easier. 117 more words


Thoughts on a Motel Porch

People believe in borders

They believe in countries

They believe in government

People never see borders as prison boundaries

They never see counties as institutions… 59 more words


Jazz Cigarett

Tickled whispers of a Jazz cigarette float and flow. Lips and cloud breath. Cold water bass washes over the ocean room. Rocking waves. Waves of hair, waves in the floor, waves of hands and passing. 105 more words


Turn on, tune in, drop out

It’s a phrase that has been a slogan of youth and counterculture since 30,000 hippies stood in San Fran’s Golden Gate Park and chanted ‘turn on, tune in, drop out’ together. 791 more words


Book #60: Junky (1953)

author: William S. Burroughs
language: English and some Spanish
length: 428 minutes (7 hours 8 minutes)
finished listening on: 27 May 2014

The last audiobook I listened to ended with a lengthy Author’s Note that was too boring to finish. 312 more words


The Big Tickle & The Broken Heart Ch 4

Sunny sat on a bench in the locker room. She was all tuckered out and it wasn’t even three. Last night had been trying, all that time in a weird beatnik club with her aunt and her depressed cousin. 681 more words