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At any farmer’s market in Saskatchewan at every Baba’s table there will be perogies, cabbage rolls, jars of pickled beets and beatniks. When people ask about Canadian food there is no real answer, we live in such a large country with vastly different climate and conditions. 550 more words


"Shep Always Hated to Say Good-by" Revealed

Shep Always Hated to Say Good-by

“Stan, Stan, Stan.” “What is it now, Grandpaw?” “Don’t Go”
“It’s settled now I have to go why do you have to do like you do?” 418 more words


Evening Post, October 10, 2014

She told me to come on, that this might be the last warm night before winter.  The stars were out, she said.  I knew that, just by looking. 87 more words


Chilled Out Collective

Today’s post is more of a remedy. An antidote to those mid week blues; an aid to chill you out and get you through to the weekend. 294 more words

Hinterland Experiences

#268 - A Recipe for Beat(nik) Soup

Any meal can be jazzed up by adding a little, or a lot, of beatnik.  Unfortunately, fresh beatnik is very hard to come by as that breed is virtually extinct, having been hunted to near extinction in the late 1960’s after the rumor of the healing properties of the beatnik’s liver spread to the international community. 

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What Do we Do with the Dejected?

What is love to the cinnamon swirl sunset?
What is love to the jaded bitter harlot?
Fair be it to those whose love pulses strong. 199 more words