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Loving the Ugly Bride

It’s not done – it contravenes the most fundamental social conventions – to criticise the bride. Whatever her dress looks like; whatever way she wears her hair; whatever lipstick colour she chooses; whatever a ‘bridezilla’ she may have been in the days or weeks leading up to the ceremony – the bride is generally understood to be above reproach. 878 more words


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Moving In

In the winter and spring of 1914 Toronto newspaper The World  ran a campaign to counter Earlscourt’s “shack town” reputation. The partially built north-west district, proclaimed the published photographs and reports, had come through its rough early years and was now open for business.That summer’s garden competition would announce to the rest of the city that the community rather than being merely occupied with survival were involved in a grand scheme to… 2,869 more words

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Make up of Kathmandu city

Can we keep the beauty of Kathmandu?

While walking the lanes of the Kathmandu my mind frequently asked me who is going to maintain the beauty of Kathmandu once the event is over. 584 more words


Laser Treatment at Laser Chain

Medical science is the ever changing subject, Dermatology and cosmetology is the most fastest growing sub specialitie in medical science .Every day in advance world treatment modality and concept in skin treatment and beatification is changing .They are using Laser, phototherapy and other high-tech equipments to treat Patient as well as to enhance the beauty. 392 more words


Maslow's hierarchy of needs and aging, part 2

Grim news. Maslow’s hierarchy has been discredited and out of favor for decades. Decades! And nobody thought to tell me! But his flawed framework will continue to be used as we continue on with aging. 579 more words


Wednesday, November 14, 2012 4:20 PM - mural notes

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Parks and Recreation Challenge Grant - First Creek Mural Application

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