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18 April

As I walked past the Ngong Hills Dormitory I could see the open garbage pit up ahead. The African crows were screaming and jumping around the edges as usual, fighting for scraps that were no longer new. 301 more words


Lulu James - Beautiful People

Lulu James, future soul’s new leading lady, follows up the success of Sweetest Thing with a new single.  Along with her production partner Domzilla… 118 more words


Life is a Great Adventure

We head to Wales every April for a long weekend of adventuring. It is one of those really underrated locations, though most outdoorsy people know how wonderful it can be – the roads are perfect for cycling, the rolling hills and mountains are ideal for hiking and the beaches are just stunning and great for water-based activities. 180 more words



17 April

My life as a teacher creates impact in small concentric circles. The most meaningful influence is made with students who allow me to see them closely, and in a moment of revelation, I know that I will hold them close in return. 771 more words


NaPoWriMo #16

Taken by a Tweet
I’d tattoo that Tweet,
on my body,
in blood red,
and burgundy blue ink,
in some cosmic constant,
falling feather font, 60 more words
Poetry And Prose From The Author

God is the Bigger Elvis

I watched this documentary on HBO (on demand) the other day about Dolores Hart, a Benedictine nun, formerly a child of Hollywood. She starred in films next to some of the greatest including Elvis… I loved her story, especially because I sometimes doubt my choice of career, even more so when I haven’t booked work as often as I’d like or because I used to dream of being a huge success by 25 (I still have a few months, you never know). 44 more words

Beautiful People

Marilyn Monroe

This is my favorite photo of Marilyn, isn’t vulnerability beautiful?

Beautiful People