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Just To Make You Smile***messymandella***

Listen as Blaze says, “no” and “but why” and “no I don’t.” This video came out earlier this year,but it will still make you smile. You have to appreciate how intelligent animals truly are and how they adapt, and have temper tantrums, just like us.

Music And What Not

A Very Late Beautiful People Post

It’s been far too long since I last blogged. What have I been doing lately, you might ask? Reading. Not Writing. Piddling on the internet. And more reading. 447 more words


You know that moment. When your eyes comes across another set of eyes and an instance spark was felt in your heart. You tried not to look back at her, but it’s so hard. 143 more words

Haus of MFalcão

My friend Marcio Falcão is a creative powerhouse, he’s also an eye for aesthetics. Not to mention that he is fucking hilarious and it’s loads of fun to work with him. 113 more words


far, so far.

lonesome souls tend to wander far

seems like a river on plateaus flowing as if

seeking refuge, or answers maybe

dried hearts seek just mere light… 172 more words