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Life is not a straight line

Yesterday, I moved into the apartment my mother owns. Earlier this year, she moved out to live with her partner and now my brother is the official resident of the space. 645 more words



Got together briefly with a few young folks (co-ed group) to do a short hike.

One of the guys tends to be quiet, mature for his chronological age, observant, doesn’t say much yet when he does it counts. 378 more words

Enjoying beautiful Greece in Summer!

hard facts:

-10th time in Greece
-hottest temperature so far: 42°C in the shade
-12 people in a gorgeous Villa
-visits from austrian friends: 1… 255 more words

Beautiful View

Day 77 Wednesday

Last night we had lots of rain and I thought I would have to run in it today but the morning dawned bright and beautiful. I was up and out by 5.45 as I woke early and didn’t want to give my body the opportunity to say “5 more minutes – just roll over and have 5 more minutes” as I knew that 5 would stretch into 30! 70 more words


Candid at Bodrum Castle, Turkey

What do people see in us during our most unguarded moments? When we allow ourselves to just be, at our most free, one with our truth, stripped to our core, unpretentious, alone with our own thoughts, most honest, most vulnerable? 179 more words


Jog Falls & the Indian monsoon

Created by the Sharavathi River, the Jog falls is the second highest falls in India and the highest in Karnataka at 830 ft. Having lived a long time in Bangalore a mere 379 kms away, we decided it is a shame we haven’t been here yet and hence followed this short but awesome vacation to the beautiful falls. 351 more words