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2.3 KM above the ground (Biella Experience at Mountain Camino)

You can see the beautiful cloud and sky from the image. This experience came from my latest trip at Biella, located in the region of Piedmont, in Italy. 181 more words

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unnatural clouds

This morning, instead of the normal looking cumulo nimbus, or strattus, there was a long set of plane streams above the sunrise. Do these look better than normal clouds, or worse? 6 more words

Beautiful View

modern features

In the side position of a street, sits a lamppost.  In the midst of a wood, sits a electricity pylon. Do these remove from the landscape, or like I say, do they add to the landscape? 6 more words

Beautiful View

window beauty

Don’t you think a beautiful view is often quite spoiled by an ugly window? Luckily in my house we have lovely old cross designed windows, but the modern PVC jobs rather spoil an old house. 11 more words

Beautiful View

Living Room Inspiration

Comfortable and classic, yet tropical and breezy #bestofbothworlds 13 more words

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