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Toss away the traditional vacation.

Every now and then you deserve a break. After all, you work hard, day after day, to make a living. Often times, the break you take comes in the form of a boring vacation, where you walk around and take pictures like a tourist. 131 more words


Find Me A Natural Who Can Wash Her Hair in Less Than An Hour!

Hey everyone! It’s my first blog post in a minute but I most def have not disappeared! The semester has been crazy and I’m so excited to graduate! 193 more words

Natural Hair


A beautiful woman is the one who never compares herself with others, because what others have doesn’t make her feel insecure…

A beautiful woman uses Her lips for truth, Her voice for kindness, Her ears for compassion, Her hands for charity, Her heart for love, For those who don’t like her she uses prayer… 56 more words


I Could Only Hope

I think about you

In the morning

Hoping that you

Find me charming

I think about you

In the afternoon

Hoping that I

Can meet you soon… 49 more words

About Me

Exactly How Does One Whistle?

Most people, who had maybe six whole weeks of practice, have the most piercing whistle ever which does have a clear advantage, especially if one wants to hail a cab, call the dog if man’s best friend is doing his business on a neighbor’s front lawn, or indicating that one approves of a team’s performance during a sporting event. 55 more words



A gentle walk in the winter evening, dim city, sparse traffic, holiday evening. Not that cold but cold enough to require warm clothes. Invariably he starts to sweat as he walks past the shivering old beggar, old bones feeling the chill. 377 more words