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62: Treat Yourself

Topic: Treat yourself to a simple, soul-gratifying pleasure. For me, it’s a scoop of ice cream or a soak in the tub while reading a good book. 265 more words

Just One More

” Just one more cookie wont hurt “
” I’ll just start tomorrow “

That ” one more cookie” can cost you a lot. Though it may seem like nothing other than good flavor at the moment, that cookie could be costing you an HOUR of running . 111 more words

Beautiful You

Who are You ?

Everyone has beauty within, and everyone is beautiful , they just don’t tend to realize it. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought ” Wow, i’m beautiful.” If your answer is anywhere within from yesterday to today, you’re good, you know your true value and beauty, but if you just cant seem to answer this question, that means you still have not found the spark inside of you, you have not yet found your true beauty. 123 more words

Beautiful You

Hair care

Girls love hair. Guys love hair. It’s a security blanket, it’s fun, it’s us! So keep it in the best condition possible with these simple tips. 207 more words


handwritten 'Novel'ty Congrats

A handwritten congratulatory ‘novel‘ letter by a 95 year young woman who knew my grandmother arrived by post.

“You look just like your grandmother May.” 37 more words

Beautiful You

What's New in July with Jamberry Nails

Inspired by the Spring/Summer runways, this month’s Sister Style blends high fashion with modern art. The look is painterly, featuring dripping, spray-painted, streaked and splattered pigments. 67 more words

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4 Drama Korea Terkeren Berkisah Kehidupan SMA

Akuilah, salah satu fase dalam kehidupanmu yang paling menyenangkan adalah masa-masa SMA. Selama SMA kamu bisa menemukan banyak hal. Mulai dari apa mimpimu, siapa sahabatmu, sampai dengan siapakah cinta pertamamu. 506 more words