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78: Eat Mindfully

Topic: Take the time to eat one of your meals mindfully. Set the table, sit down, savor the sensations of the meal, take small bites and sips of water. 326 more words

77: Let Someone Know She Made a Difference

Topic: Let someone know she made a difference by acknowledging that her choices, decisions, and actions mattered – and that you noticed. By encouraging the good in the world, we create more good. 301 more words

76: Take Three Ten Minute Walks

Topic: Take three ten-minute walks. In the morning, plan when you’ll take each walk, and then keep that commitment to yourself. As each walk unfolds, feel your muscles coming alive in the movement and just enjoy that feeling. 296 more words

75: Look Up When You Walk

Topic: Look up when you walk. From your house to your car, your parking space to your office, across campus for class – wherever you are going, resist the urge to look down at your sidewalk or at your cellphone or iPod. 387 more words

Coca-Cola and other Soft Drinks

“Soft drinks have long been suspected of leading to lower calcium levels
and higher phosphate levels in the blood. When phosphate levels are high and… 37 more words


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74: Drink Plenty of Water

Today: Drink more than enough water. Fill up a water bottle and keep it with you wherever you are. Challenge yourself to take sips throughout the day. 278 more words

73: Use Something You've Been Saving for a Special Occasion

Topic: Use something that you’ve been saving for a special occasion and deliberately delight in it.

Ice cream. That is what I was saving for a special occasion. 111 more words