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Fifty Shades of Error: On Chuck Palahniuk's BEAUTIFUL YOU

Fifty Shades of Error in chuckpalahniuk’s BEAUTIFUL YOU
by Dr. Joseph Suglia, the Greatest Author in the World

1.) “Even as Penny was attacked, the judge merely stared” [1]. 1,546 more words

My TBR List and Chuck Palahniuk

Have I mentioned my recent book slump? It’s been going on for about a month now and beginning to drive me a bit crazy.

No matter what book I pick up has been able to hold my interest. 406 more words

Awe and Excitement

He shook my hand I stuttered, glancing down at the book in my hand.

“Could you sign my book?”

He takes a step back and reaches into the pocket of his burgandy robe that looks so soft you just want to touch it- like that white furry cat your grandmother owned that always swatted at you when you invaded its bubble. 273 more words

The Blogs

Tomorrow Night

I get to go see my favorite author of all time- Chuck Palahniuk. He’s rolling into San Diego tomorrow night and I will be there wearing my Nightmare Before Christmas pajama pants and taking lots of videos and photos. 36 more words

The Rants

Work It Out.

To help you get a little motivated, here’s another weekly playlist to go along with the Sweat Sessions post. Lace up and love yourself. Honestly, Grace


OCTOBER with Younique

There are only 11 days left in October, so it must be a good time to post about all of the new and exciting things going on with… 460 more words

Beautiful YOU