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65: Curtail Negative Behavior

Topic: Teach yourself to stop body checking. It doesn’t serve you, it just keeps you in a heightened state of self-consciousness. Watch for times when you are checking yourself out in mirrors, windows, even shadows. 271 more words

2 best tattoo places in Vancouver and how to find the right one for you.

I have 2 tattoos and my partner has one. I’m also planning on getting a couple more. 

It’s SO important to shop around for a tattoo parlour and make sure it’s right for you. 202 more words

Bucket List Life

Product review: Dermatend mole removal

Today I’m going to give you my review of Dermatend mole removal. 

I don’t like moles, I think they’re gross. I literally just had one on my shoulder and still decided to buy this. 194 more words

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A Chuck Palahniuk Signed Book for Me!

Yesterday, at Comic Con, I had the opportunity of meeting my biggest influence as a writer, Chuck Palahniuk. He signed his newest book and I got to express my gratitude for all he has done for gritty writers. 84 more words

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4 Best Girl Apps!

Apps are the best thing to come to phones (ok maybe the camera is great too.. ) but I’m not really one to play games on my phone. 182 more words

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Product review: Stella and Dot

Stella and Dot is the newest (at least that I’ve heard of) multi-level marketing company. I recently got into it trying to support my girlfriend who is a “stylist” as they call them.  208 more words

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Scar/Stretch mark removal diy

No one likes having visible scars, especially when they come in the form of stretch marks! Despite the fact that everyone has them, we all hate them.  126 more words

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