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NEW! Clarins Autumn Make-Up Collection 2014

The Clarins Autumn Make-Up Collection is absolutely beautiful, they’ve released loads of lovely kits and bits and bobs to create the perfect smokey eye. The Ombre-Matte Cream to Powder Eyeshadow collection is lovely, the colours that I received are 03 – Taupe, 05 – Sparkle Grey and 06 – Earth (they’re in that order in the photograph, I’m helpful like that’, they create the perfect smokey eye when all blended together. 184 more words


Juice recipe: the beety energizer!

This weeks juice follows a strict red theme and brings A TON of healthy benefits with it. Nothing beets this combo in colours or taste! Lately we have been enjoying this fresh juice combo as a super healthy afternoon pick me up! 269 more words


The miracle product that keeps Cellulite woes at bay!!!

Dimpled skin looks super cute on her..

…not so much on you.

So what exactly is cellulite?

Its name makes it sound like a medical condition. 395 more words

This month I'll use...

Beauty entrepreneur Niamh O’Donnell shares her beauty routine.   413 more words


Review: Lush Space Girl Bath Ballistic

I blame my sister so much for getting me into Lush bath goodies. Not trying to be punny here but they just smell so Lush! I’ve actually bought more of their bath bombs just to make my wardrobe smell like heaven. 148 more words


How Not to Detox

Folks, I’ve made the pages of fabulous feminist online mag Mookychick!

These real life detox tips may help if your body is indeed a temple, but one that’s dedicated to a Lovecraftian horror.



Christian Louboutin launches the sexiest nail polish the world

Shoes with red soles…yes, no doubt about it – they are by Christian Louboutin. What a fashion statement that all of us ladies love to have and wear?! 230 more words