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Beauty and the Beast..chptr 2...Growing pains

By Chris Wilson

The joys of dealing childbirth and childhood, let alone what happens from then on will be discussed through adult eyes in later chapters, but when we are a baby or a young child life is very simple, as any personal differences between men and women are of little concern except for knowing where and who to turn to for food When we emerge from the womb though, it is a bit of a shock. 1,977 more words


Table Laying

A pretty table always looks good for dinner! Flowers, candles, napkins! Beauty and the beast theme here with the rose (in a cow jug!) under a pink cake stand :-)



Chibi Belle

  Belle has always been my favorite Disney princess! She gets to have a castle AND a library, how cool is that? Markers


5 Favorite Disney Songs

So apparently people are still talking about the song Let it Go from Frozen because there are still new videos being made around the song. Now I enjoyed Frozen and the fact that it is Idina Menzel singing means that the song is amazing. 514 more words


Throwback Thursday-Beauty And The Beast

We all know the 1991 Disney Beauty And Beast movie. In nearly a quarter of a century since the movie’s initial release, the images and songs have become iconic. 146 more words

Movie Review

Belle cosplay — new photos!

My Belle cosplay is complete! My boyfriend, Josh, snapped some lovely photos of me in it on Saturday morning when I finished it, and then on Sunday I wore it to the Renaissance Festival with a huge group of other Disney cosplayers. 152 more words


So, if Beauty and the Beast took place today...

…would Belle have been obsessed with social media instead of books, swiped left on Tinder when the Beast came up, and that would have been the end of that?

Just Juliette