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Day 63

Overtime. Long days. Aching feet. Pure exhaustion. That is what life has felt like the past few days. But it also has been beautiful. The sun has been out. 60 more words

The Actual Difference Between Women Who Are Hot And Who Are Beautiful - absolutely loved this article

I am a girl or rather a lady who is often seen as plastic or fake because I wear make-up, have thick lips and blonde hair ( note to those reading this and who know me as: the rumours go and most believe – no I have not had Botox, my lips are real and so are my eyelashes and my hair is an ashy blonde, not a nice blonde hence the reason for my highlights, but still I am a natural blonde) besides if I had had so much done to my face I often beg the question or retort when asked it … I obviously forgot to mention to my plastic surgeon that I have a body and would have had a boob job first! 1,083 more words