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On perceptions of beauty and race, with film recommendations

The availability heuristic is often summed up as the human tendency to think that easier something is to remember, the more frequently it must occur. Another neat summary, this time from a Wikipedia contributor, runs as follows: 955 more words


Is Pinterest the New Backlash Against Women?


Ah, Pinterest. It’s the popular social media site where you can “pin” links to whatever it is that interests you. For many people, that means crafts. 1,021 more words


Almost Famous, real women and the normalisation of self-hate

I wish I wasn’t pear-shaped.

My nose is too fat.

Laxatives are definitely the answer.

Why can’t I be thinner?

Does all this sound familiar? If you’re a woman, it should.

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So, so pretty. Yes, this is gender. This is the patriarchal control system which demeans, denigrates and demoralizes women, for the enhancement and pleasure of men. Reminds me of this http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M6wJl37N9C0

The Beauty Myth

In one day, I have had two posts in my Facebook feed, that have really made me question where we are heading as a society. 762 more words


Haunted by Blondes

My hair has run the gaunlet of styles and colours. It has been very long to very short and a little in between. It has been blacker than a raven’s asshole to bright ginger. 1,857 more words

Appearance Makes the World

So what have I been up to lately? You can spot me most mornings wearing sensible shoes and sporting thick eye bags as I push a stroller—my adorable son is inside—to the café, the spray park, the public library, the grocery store, or the Shopper’s Drug Mart. 1,437 more words