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The Beauty Myth

In one day, I have had two posts in my Facebook feed, that have really made me question where we are heading as a society. 762 more words


Haunted by Blondes

My hair has run the gaunlet of styles and colours. It has been very long to very short and a little in between. It has been blacker than a raven’s asshole to bright ginger. 1,857 more words

Appearance Makes the World

So what have I been up to lately? You can spot me most mornings wearing sensible shoes and sporting thick eye bags as I push a stroller—my adorable son is inside—to the café, the spray park, the public library, the grocery store, or the Shopper’s Drug Mart. 1,437 more words

Beauty Mythbusters: Warm Eyelash Curler

We’ve seen it everywhere and have seen it included on countless lists of beauty hacks. But does it really work?

I’ve seen some articles that suggest taking a blow dryer to your eyelash curler, but that’s not convenient in the morning. 278 more words


What does your face say about you?

Retrieved from SMH.com.au : “According to one new study we can accurately judge another’s attractiveness in just 13 milliseconds.”

In this case, that’s literally faster than a blink of an eye (which takes 200-300 milliseconds).

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Seen on a Bathroom Mirror


Bad Ideas


“Adunika wasn’t convinced after repeated approval from her friends, this dress would be perfect for the party, Adu, Lets wind up & leave.” She was skeptical of looking Fat or say, few pounds heavier in the dress in Q.” … 1,138 more words