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Beauty Sleep 101


Not gonna lie. I’ve been trying to figure this all out for soooo long so I am a little too happy about officially launching… 918 more words

Beauty Sleep

A little while ago, I told my son it was time for a nap. To my surprise he ran towards his room. When I got to the living room though, I realized he wasn’t planning on sleeping in his bed… 47 more words


The Clothes I wear to my own funeral #ootd

Today I collapsed sideways.

Doctors might say I was in a 8hour coma, but I prefer to go with ‘I took a six hour beauty sleep.’ 68 more words

The Beauty of Sleep

Yesterday, I didn’t wake up until three minutes before I was supposed to leave for school. Yep, I slept through my alarms. Oops. While I was incredibly stressed and grumpy about this late start, I now realize that it was actually a great thing. 429 more words

Tips & Tricks: How To Look More Awake

We all know that sleep is essential AND necessary for your overall mind, body and health well-being, but there are times when life gets the upper hand. 419 more words

Alessandra Ambrosio

Yes I Still Wear Retainers to Sleep...and For Life!

That time when you hit 16, you’ve hit puberty and the last thing you need is some ugly braces for at least a year in school! 333 more words