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The Humble Beaver, (One Of) My Favorite Animals

I have always liked beavers; I always had great respect for their work ethic. But one day, while hiking along the Savage River, I saw the most unlikely of sights: a beaver frolicking in the rapidly moving stream. 415 more words


changes ever changes

When I started classes last spring the online section of the courses was called e-college. I had pretty much mastered e-college by the end of the semester. 425 more words


Grandma's Challenge

Here is a cool idea for a family reunion.  Our five families met at a lake cabin in the Ozarks this weekend.  On Saturday morning, Grandma gave each family an envelope.  602 more words

A Labor Day tribute to Nature’s Engineers

Yesterday, I visited the Dwaas Kill Nature Preserve to scope out a proposed trail west of Pierce Road, south of the northern property boundary, and north of the Dwaas Kill.  279 more words

Halfway Point For Some

Today is my dad’s half-birthday.

Half-birthdays are weird; it’s kind of funny to think that tomorrow you will officially be closer to your next age than your current one. 589 more words

Greetings From Canada

Oh hey!  How’s it goin’, eh?  I’m new here…and am the token Canadian in the group.

I met the members of The Sublime League of the Holy Lens in February, when I ventured down to Detroit…I was told I was crazy for meeting two complete strangers in an abandoned factory in one of the most dangerous cities in a foreign country.  9 more words